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schülke introduces enhanced – by design

Schülke | 10-Nov-2014 | PDF Product brochure
Like butterflies assist with pollen dispersal for flowers, euxyl® K 900 contains a multifunctional preservative booster to increase the m...

Award-winning prestige new dispensing platform Airopack®

Airopack | 10-Jun-2014 | PDF Product brochure
The innovative Airopack® dispensers are driven only by clean fresh air, yet are as powerful to dispense the contents to the last drop, ev...

IBR-Dormin® Delays Hair Re-Growth, 5 O'clock Shadow

IBR Ltd | 26-Nov-2013 | Webpage Product presentation
IBR-Dormin®  Delays Hair Re-Growth, 5 O'clock Shadow and your next shaveMen's Grooming & Other Body Hair IBR-Dormin®IN...
Rieke - Selene Mini Arless


Rieke Dispensing | 04-Mar-2014 | PDF Product brochure
Practical, convenient and attractive, the Selene Mini Airless Dispenser from Rieke Dispensing is the perfect way to add value to your bra...

IBR-CalmDeAge® - relief of dark circles & rosacea via vasoconstriction

IBR Ltd | 26-Nov-2013 | Webpage Product presentation
IBR-CalmDeAge®:GLOBAL ANTI AGINGRELIEF of DARK CIRCLES and ROSACEAvasoconstriction, optimizing blood microcirculation, reducing irri...

Discover our new Bottle, Packaging Components & Accessories collection

Oskar Karla | 07-Jan-2014 | PDF Product catalog
Specialized since 1920 in the manufacture of Perfume Sprays and Atomizers, OSKAR KARLA is offering both a unique and extensive collection...
Cosmetics Vision 2014: Advance Programme Download

Cosmetics Vision 2014: Programme Download

Cosmetics Vision | 18-Dec-2013 | PDF Event programme
Cosmetics Vision is the ultimate global event connecting leading innovators and senior business executives in the cosmetics design indust...
The EU Cosmetic Regulation: A Conference On Compliance

The EU Cosmetic Regulation: A Conference On Compliance

18-Oct-2013 | PDF Event programme
Join us for a conference on the EU Cosmetics Regulation that examines those requirements companies are obliged to undertake when marketin...


IBR Ltd | 21-Oct-2013 | Webpage Product presentation
IBR-GAPTURE® aqueous jojoba leaf extract improves skin barrier and function; better skin appearance and integrity

BENTLEY Fragrances partners with CARTONDRUCK for its new fragrance range

Cartondruck | 11-Oct-2013 | PDF Product brochure
With the elegant silver box of the Eau de Toilette "Bentley for Men" or the luxurious copper glow of the Eau de Parfum "Be...

A new crystal clear shiny effect

Lumson | 16-Oct-2013 | PDF Product brochure
Discover the new Crystal Clear Shiny (CCS)  effect created by Lumson for Tottle Amanda 30 ml.This new finishing, made of a special...

PhytoflORAL® Sun Protection & Lightening Innovation

IBR Ltd | 29-Jul-2013 | Webpage Product presentation
PhytoflORAL® Revolution in Photo-Protection, Lightening and Evening of Skin Tonea NutriCosmetics Innovation for Beauty from Within Phyto...

Photoaging Revolution with Elix-IR™; The Elixir of Youth to Fight Infra’Aging™

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics | 06-Jun-2013 | PDF Product brochure
Elix-IR™, is a breakthrough in photoaging and a unique botanical active which fights Infra’Aging™. Elix-IR™ inhibits Cathepsin G enzyme,...

IBR-Gapture® - skin performance and appearance enhancer

IBR Ltd | 17-Jan-2013 | Webpage Product presentation

Beautifully bronzed: SymBronze® 1659

Symrise AG | 28-Feb-2013 | PDF Product brochure
SymBronze®1659 is a new, natural ingredient from microalgae, a sustainable and renewable source. It is a pigmentation enhancer with a pr...

Natural Green Surfactants from Fenchem

Fenchem Biotek | 22-Oct-2012 | Webpage Product presentation
Our Natural Green Surfactants FM-APG are nonionic, extremely mild, have good compatibility and high biodegradability. They are ideal surf...

CRODAROM obtains COSMOS License

Crodarom SAS | 08-Oct-2012 | PDF Product brochure
To anticipate future evolution, Crodarom is committed to respect the COSMOS standard and has been approved by Ecocert Greenlife to manufa...
Fenchem bring FM-APG at NYSCC

FM-APG from Fenchem

Fenchem Biotek | 07-May-2012 | Webpage Product presentation
PRODUCT NAMEFM-APG (Alkyl polyglucoside)DESCRIPTIONFM-APG is a nonionic surfactant. It is made from natural raw materials; FM-APG is very...

PEG-12 Dimethicone from Fenchem

Fenchem Biotek | 26-Mar-2012 | Webpage Product presentation
PEG-12 Dimethicone, a polyether silicone, is a safe water-soluble surfactant at normal usage, with good moisturizing, foam-stabilizing an...

ACH and AZG: newly launched antiperspirant

Fenchem Biotek | 07-Nov-2011 | Webpage Product presentation
ACH is used as a topical antiperspirant or body deodorant by inhibiting the bacterial breakdown of sweat to reduce body odor. AZG works a...

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