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CosmeticsDesign Anti-Pollution forum

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CosmeticsDesign Anti-Pollution forum

Anti-pollution is a key hot topic for consumers and formulators alike. Now a central focus for the industry, it has become crucial to keep abreast of this fast-paced, innovative trend. Our anti-pollution online forum offers the industry a fantastic opportunity to do just that.

CosmeticsDesign has gathered key figures at the forefront of the topic to share their expertise and exclusive insight on the trend, with a particular focus on how it’s likely to progress from here.

We’ll discuss who the market-leading players are and what they’re getting right, taking a look at the trend from the ingredients level right through to finished products. Get the inside scoop on how the trend is unfolding, and learn how to take advantage of the latest and upcoming developments.


  • Alain Khaiat

    Cosmetics Consultant and Contractor

    Seers Consulting

  • Ju Rhyu


    Inside the Raum

  • Lucy Whitehouse



  • Maria Coronado

    Doctor in Chemical Engineering and Ingredients Analyst

    Euromonitor International