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Anti-acne still a focus: Ashland releases new range

By Lucy Whitehouse + , 17-Feb-2017

Anti-acne still a focus: Ashland releases new range

Global specialty chemicals company Ashland has released a new concept range surrounding anti-acne skin care.

The new anti-acne formulation kit is available, according to the company, to help formulators of cosmetics and over the counter (OTC) products develop their acne solution products.

Acne remains one of the leading skin complaints - indeed, CosmeticsDesign recently spoke to a dermatologist specialising in the area, Dr Yoram Harth, who co-founded an acne treatment app: MD Acne.

Dr Harth noted that 7% of the population is affected by the condition. This is mostly teenagers, but also a growing number of young women (in their 20s, 30s and 40s) that suffer from it.

It’s also a global consumer concern: according to Dr Harth, over 100 million people in China, for example, have acne.

New concept

Ashland’s new concept suggests formulators are keen to continue to tap into this market.

The firm notes that its kit includes six new formulations that have been designed to address formulation challenges associated with active delivery, formulation stability and formulation mildness.

By combining our specialty polymers, rheology modifiers and biofunctionals, Ashland offers a galenic approach to help optimize the performance of acne active ingredients, soothe irritated skin, and enhance the skin barrier function while creating formulation textures to enhance consumer compliance,” said Justine Cotton, global marketing manager, skin care biofunctionals.

“We’re excited to be able to demonstrate our offering and share this formulation kit so that our customers can leverage our technology in their formulations.”

Three points of application

The firm notes that its kit can offer solutions across three key moments in the treatment cycle for the acne condition, and showcases these in product form:

  • Pre-treatment – A toner and cream from Ashland’s Balance & Clear concept can support a healthy physical and biochemical skin barrier, prevent pores from clogging, enable mild exfoliation and soothing effects to help address acne before it occurs.
  • Treatment – A clarifying cleanser is designed to help to clear clogged pores with efficient deposition and controlled release of salicylic acid, while concepts for a spot cream and anti-acne gel can reduce tack and offer a soft and cushiony finish.
  • Post-treatment – A Blemish Soothing moisturizer to help soothe skin and limit the appearance of post-acne marks.

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