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Rieke Dispensing

Rieke Dispensing

Rieke is a market leading manufacturer of foaming dispensers and high viscosity dispensing systems. Rieke Dispensing’s product range includes the Selene range of airless dispensers, lotion pumps, fine mist sprayers and foaming dispensers.

The diversity of the different models offered by Rieke Dispensing demonstrates our flexibility and versatility in meeting the demands of a broad spectrum of customers, from localised businesses to major multi-nationals, with reliable, image-enhancing and user-friendly packaging.

Innovative dispensing solutions

Rieke has recently added the Selene Mini Airless to the market-leading Selene range of airless dispensers. Available in 15ml and 30ml, the Selene Mini Airless offers convenient sized, non-leak, luxury packaging that achieves 99% product evacuation.

As well as an extensive choice of dispensers, Rieke offers a bespoke design service to devise packaging solutions to precise requirements. Rieke works closely with every customer to ensure that each dispenser meets a precise product brief, with a stylish and attractive pack that delivers practicality and convenience for the end-user.


In addition, a variety of customisation options are available to enable packs to be individually tailored to establish and reflect brand values and create maximum on-shelf appeal.

Global presence

Operating from 13 locations, Rieke Packaging Systems is committed to being an innovative, world class manufacturer of dispensing systems for the global market.