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Taiki claims industry first in resin that eliminates preservatives in mascara formulas

By Michelle Yeomans , 16-Jun-2012
Last updated on 02-Jul-2012 at 12:51 GMT2012-07-02T12:51:18Z

Taiki claims industry first in resin that eliminates preservatives in mascara formulas

Taiki Group claims it has solved the largest safety concern women have in make-up application – the eyes - with ‘EcoG+’, an application that contains an antimicrobial resin said to eliminate preservatives in mascara formulas.  

According to the international cosmetics application supplier, the development is the first on the market to provide complete protection of mascara products, 'The package provides preservative protection, and the silica allows for a 40 per cent - 70 per cent reduction in use of petrochemical resins.'

"Creating a mascara that has no preservatives, yet is still safe to use, is revolutionary," says Taiki CEO Jim Perry.

 It made sense to introduce EcoG+ for an eye product as risk of eye infections has a negative impact on mascara sales and some common preservatives can be irritating," he adds.

Packaging technology

EcoG+ is said to be a new form of plastic resin, whereby the base can be comprised of many different forms of plastic polymer, then added to a dominant ratio of glass and an antimicrobial agent. When combined successfully and processed, Taiki says the new plastic will kill the majority of bacteria, mold, fungus. 

We have long worked with ionic silver including zeolites as a way to provide antimicrobial protection to plastic, but using this method had little antimicrobial effect until now," company rep, Stacey Calhoun told

As the different approaches were shared, it was realized that using a special form of silica and antimicrobial ionic silver achieved the results as an effective antimicrobial resin,” she adds.

Expanding into other areas...

Taiki is also set to introduce EcoG+ in lip gloss tubes, jars and functional containers for make-up and skincare use in other areas of the sector.











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