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SR Packaging launches refillable lipstick cases

By Katie Bird , 06-Jan-2011
Last updated on 06-Jan-2011 at 12:44 GMT

Taiwan-based SR Packaging has launched a range of refillable lipstick packages to answer consumer demand for environmentally friendly options.

According to the company, consumers are increasingly conscious about the environmental impact of packaging but are unwilling to compromise on performance.

With the ‘i’ series, which contains a number of product variations, the company says it has made environmental savings without sacrificing the luxury feel.

Easily refillable

SR Packaging offers a number of options within the ‘i’ series. i-Simplism is the standard configuration and i-Replaceable is the refillable design where the lipstick top can be modified quickly.

In addition, the company offers the i-Presso I in which the lipstick can be released or popped out when pressed, as well as the i-Presso II which sports the same mechanism but with a metal shell for a more luxury feel.

Not only does the lipstick packaging allow for the product to be replaced when finished, it can also be taken apart by the consumer allowing for easy recycling of the component parts, the company claimed.

In addition, there is no lubrication oil used in the assembly process so the parts remain clean through the life of the product.

SR Packaging also said that the lipstick cases can be decorated to suit a company’s specifications.

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