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RPC unveils the future of lipstick packaging

By staff reporter , 24-Jul-2006

RPC beauté Thornaby has patented a new innovation in lipstick packaging that offers unique functionality and decoration together with a simplified and less costly manufacturing process.

Called Reveal, the company says that it undertook a value engineering project to create a packaging that would meet the criteria for a major lipstick manufacturing company, which included convenience, supply chain enhancements and enhanced branding opportunities.

But perhaps the most significant innovation incorporated into the design by product designer Jon Richmond is the new mechanism for delivering the lipstick.

The company says that instead of the traditional method of propelling the lipstick bulk upwards, the new design 'reveals' it by means of a retracting sheath.

This method is designed to maximise stability, with both the consumer and for filling line operation - providing added value at both ends of the supply chain.

An additional benefit is that, unlike most lipstick packaging, the 'revealer' component has no spiral form, allowing the moulding to have a smooth external surface finish that suits a range of decorative processes to enhance branding and personalise the product.

Added branding opportunities comes in the form of the full peripheral printing of the revealer using plain, holographic, and coloured foils; lacquer coating to add a metallic finish; color-matching to other components or contents; or a completely transparent pack enabling full visibility of the formulation colour.

The company says that the packaging is also cost effective because the Reveal is designed with fewer components for easier assembly as well as simple mouldings and tool manufacture.

Cost savings are further enhanced by the fact that its decorative flexibility has replaced the need for the industry standard anodised aluminium A shell, streamlining the supply chain for full in-house manufacture and low minimum orders, the company claims.

.RPC beauté Thornaby sales manager Ian Smith believes the new lipstick packaging is a real innovation that will have a significant impace on the industry,

"We are sure that lipstick brands will be quick to recognise its numerous benefits," he said.

Only last month another RPC company, RPC Cresstale, revealed a biodegradeable lipstick packaging as part of a new line of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging products designed to meet both environmental and consumer demeands.

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