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One-handed mascara pen claims to be industry first

By Katie Nichol , 08-Oct-2009
Last updated on 09-Oct-2009 at 09:21 GMT2009-10-09T09:21:17Z

Mascara Noir, a revolutionary, ‘one-handed’ mascara, claimed to be the first major change to mascara application in over fifty years, will be launched in the UK next week.

Mascara Noir, a revolutionary, ‘one-handed’ mascara, claimed to be the first major change to mascara application in over fifty years, will be launched in the UK this week.

Mascara Noir was developed by Belvada Cosmetics, a Montreal-based beauty company, in conjunction with HCP Packaging USA, a global leader in the cosmetic packaging industry.

HCP marketing executive Nikki Bradshaw told Cosmetics Design that the company is unaware of any other commercialized mascaras of this nature, giving it a unique selling point.

One-handed application

Bradshaw also underlined two big advantages of the design: an innovative wiping system, wiping the rod at the top, and the fact it that it is a ‘one-handed’ mascara, allowing for swifter application.

The unique ‘pen-style’ design has very little synergy with the traditional ‘wand-style’ applicator designs, and claims to resolve problems inherent with traditional applicators.

As virtually no air is allowed to penetrate the formulation chamber during application, the product does not dry out in the way traditional mascaras do.

Product application is controlled with greater precision, with a slider mechanism propelling the brush out through a patented (pending) double wiper seal system, eliminating clumping and wastage.

Two years in development

Belvada entrepreneur, Don Grossnass, spent two years developing the concept and packaging, which uses HCP’s high performance metallization technology, and combines a premium gunmetal finish with a white silk screen printed ‘Belvada’ logo.

The product will be sold initially to selected salons before being rolled out to specialist stores. At present, Belvada’s products are only available to purchase through their new website and online store, and through fine beauty retailers in the US and Canada.

Last month HCP announced the signing of an exclusive marketing agreement with Hana, Korea, to sell the patented ‘one-handed’ click pen to HCP customers.

The click pen is similar to Mascara Noir in that it is a ‘one-handed’ design; however, the PBT brush tip is suitable for the application of lip-gloss or concealer. HCP is currently developing eyeliner and silicone tip applicator systems.

The use of a ‘side push button’ rather than a rotary click system allows for simultaneous product dispensing and application, one of the major benefits of the design.

In addition to the 5.5ml pack, the click pen is available in a 2ml refillable size, which allows for multiple applications within the one outer case, where the PP cartridges can be replaced when the product runs out.

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