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Moisture-free packaging

Last updated on 09-May-2016 at 17:15 GMT2016-05-09T17:15:11Z

Appleton has introduced MoistureBloc for Ream Wrap, a completely repulpable and 100-percent recyclable ream wrap developed for environmentally friendly paper-based products. The company claims that the product offers excellent moisture barrier protection,writes Anthony Fletcher.

"There is a common misconception that all ream wrap is fully recyclable, but it's not and it often ends up as landfill waste," said Steve Sakai, vice president of performance packaging at Appleton.

"We use our coating capabilities to engineer MoistureBloc to provide cut-sheet producers and retailers a moisture-resistant barrier wrap with great shelf appeal that they value with the recyclable and repulpable capabilities they prefer."

MoistureBloc for Ream Wrap combines a flexographic print surface, sheet toughness and easy convertibility with a patent-pending coating formulation that gives it outstanding moisture barrier protection. The barrier coating is crack-resistant and applied to the inner surface of the ream wrap.

To provide greater value and flexibility, the coating can be applied to a customer's base paper or to base paper produced by Appleton. In addition, Appleton offers the option to print customers' ream wrap to further maximize value and flexibility.

MoistureBloc for Ream Wrap is the second in a family of moisture-resistant products developed by US-based firm Appleton . In October 2003 the company introduced MoistureBloc for Folding Carton, a barrier packaging substrate engineered to provide superior protection from moisture vapour damage for consumer dry goods.

MoistureBloc for Ream Wrap has been certified repulpable by Great Lakes Pulp & Fibre to be included in sorted office paper.

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