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Machinery company Oystar launches extra fast tube filler

Last updated on 24-Mar-2010 at 13:09 GMT

Oystar targets toothpaste manufacturers with its new tube filling machine that promises 750 tubes a minute.

The Germany-headquartered company is launching the TFS 80-8 Oystar IWK and claims that it can fill an additional 240 tubes a minute compared with the previous model the TFS 80-6.

According to Oystar this is the fastest tube filling machine on the market, and it will help the world’s leading toothpaste manufacturer produce more than 240 million toothpaste tubes per year, when it takes on the machine in October.

Furthermore the machine can help limit wastage, the company claims.

Overfilling can be reduced from 1 per cent to 0.5 per cent as the TFS 80-8 can control weight better, which could save up to 83,000 kg of toothpaste a year.

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