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M&H Plastics launches green packaging range

By Guy Montague-Jones , 23-Nov-2007

Environmentally friendly packaging has arrived on the UK personal care market with the launch of a range of PET bottles from M&H Plastics made entirely from recycled material.

Consumer demand for environmentally friendly cosmetics is growing and manufacturers are looking to packaging companies to provide eco-friendly solutions. UK-based M&H Plastics teamed up with naturals brand Naked to produce environmentally friendly packaging for seven personal care products The plastic bottles for the Naked's hand washes, lotions and foam baths are now made from Post Consumer Regrind (PCR), which is plastic that has been recovered from landfills and then ground down and recycled. M&H Plastics developed the range for Naked, which will be sold exclusively by Boots, to satisfy growing consumer demand for greener products. "As part of our environmental policy M&H Plastics has been working for some time on being able to bring to market a range of sustainable packaging solutions," said M&H Plastics spokesperson Kevin Spall. Several US-based packaging companies have released eco-friendly products in recent months including World Wide Packaging, which launched plastic tubes for cosmetics made from disposed milk cartons. Another US-based packaging firm Curtis recently announced that it was responding to growing demand for environmentally friendly products by going carbon neutral. M&H Plastics' development of a green packaging range for the personal care market suggests that European companies are also tapping into the green trend. Packaging waste represents a significant environmental hazard and reducing it helps cosmetics companies become eco-friendly. "In terms of being environmentally-friendly, packaging is where cosmetics companies can make the biggest strides," said Nica Lewis from Mintel.

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