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DuPont says overmoulding innovation opens up new possibilities

By Guy Montague-Jones , 17-Feb-2009
Last updated on 17-Feb-2009 at 15:37 GMT2009-02-17T15:37:27Z

DuPont claims that its new Surlyn overmoulding technology has wider cosmetic applications than previously imagined.

Launched at Luxe Pack in October last year, the packaging technology was intended for luxury perfume brands looking to stand out on crowded shelves.

But now Philippe Milazzo, technical services and development manager, at DuPont’s packaging division says the innovation has wider applications.

He told “First of all we thought about perfume bottles but listening to our customers we see there are many other applications where this technology opens up design possibilities that were not possible before – for example in cream jars, nail polish bottles and mascara tubes.”

The main attraction of the new technology is freedom of design. It is possible to achieve different shapes on the inside and outside of a transparent bottle and to add coloring effects to the different layers.

Milazzo said: “These design possibilities are nearly impossible or very costly with other processes or materials such as thermoplastics or glass.”

Surlyn may not be as heavy as glass but it offers design possibilities that glass cannot imitate, added Milazzo.

Other advantages of the Surlyn overmoulding technology underlined by DuPont include glass-like transparency, scratch resistance and high wall thickness.

Commenting on the potential of the innovation in the current economic climate, Milazzo said: “We are very pleased with the reaction from the market and are very optimistic for the future even if the crisis may slowdown certain launches of new products based on the technology.”

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