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Demand for dispensers forces Airspray to expand plants


Airspray, a leading provider of dispensing solutions for cosmetic and household products, says that it is expanding its manufacturing operations in both the US and Europe in an effort to meet rising demand, reports Simon Pitman.

The company says that it will be increasing the plant space at its facilities in Alkmaar, The Netherlands and its Pompano Beach plant in the Florida, US, which will also help cut back on lead times for inventories. Lead times have been lengthened due to the rising demand.

Airspray says it has signed a lease to add a second building near their main plant in Alkmaar. The location is available immediately and it is claimed that it will be operational in the coming weeks.

Assembly will take place in the new space, which means that both plants in The Netherlands continue to make all the pre-parts (or engines) of the dispensers for worldwide final assembly.

Because assembly will take place at two locations, the company claims that a better spread of risk will be accomplished, while the new space will allow for increased production and capacity.

It should also enable in-house pre-parts and components storage, which until now was largely kept in storage by third parties. It also creates room for the expansion of the machine equipment building activities.

Meanwhile, in the US, where almost half of the final assembly for the global demand takes place, a letter of intent has been signed for a lease agreement to further increase the production space and capacity.

The company says that this extra space will be available in the next six months and that ultimately the move will increase the natural hedge that will further protect Airspray against possible currency fluctuations.

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