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Airtight lipstick packaging helps protect formula say Rexam

Last updated on 27-May-2010 at 12:53 GMT

Greece-headquartered company Aromca has launched a lipstick under the brand Erre Due using Rexam’s Lips So Soft lipstick packaging.

According to Rexam, the lipstick packaging (Lips so Soft 11mm) is designed to be airtight to protect complex formulations with less structural rigidity that result from consumer demand for moisturizing lipsticks with long lasting shine.

The guiding shaft has a slanted end at the top, mirroring the slant of the product itself, which helps to protect a less rigid product, the company claims.

In addition, the design is slightly slimmer than a traditional lipstick, leading to a sleeker look, according to the company.

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