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Unilever employs underarm tactics with new Dove deodorant

By Andrew McDougall , 29-Apr-2011
Last updated on 29-Apr-2011 at 12:48 GMT2011-04-29T12:48:00Z

The Anglo-Dutch consumer product giant has launched its latest deodorant range through its Dove brand following, a strategy inspired by a recent survey highlighting the fact that women feel their underarms are unattractive.

The Dove Ultimate go sleeveless deodorant has promised women ‘softer, smoother underarms in just five days’, as the formula includes humectants, an occlusive layer and nourishing moisturizers, which work together to improve the look and feel of underarm skin.

The range has been launched following the survey carried out by Unilever in collaboration with TNS Research.

According to the 2010 Uncovering Underarm Study 93 per cent of women think their underarms are unattractive, whilst just over half of the participants said they decided what to wear based on their underarm appearance.

"Dove is always drawing inspiration from real women and looking for ways to help women feel good about who they are inside and out – and that includes feeling good about what clothes they wear," said Mike Dwyer, marketing director, Dove US Unilever. "We are so confident in our product that we named it 'go sleeveless'."

Appearance linked to confidence

From the study Dove learned that women who care about the appearance of their underarms have more confidence in their overall appearance.

Half of the women surveyed admitted to have been so embarrassed about the condition of their underarms that they have ultimately decided to change clothes.

One in three of the women studied feel more confident when their underarms are in good condition, and 62 per cent of women experience skin problems with their underarms, such as underarm discoloration, spots or pimples, soreness and itchiness.

As the temperature gets warmer and we approach the summer season, Dove seems to have chosen its timing carefully with its new range. However it is not the only company targeting underarms.

Beiersdorf’s skin care brand Nivea targeted the same area last year with its Feel Closer range, which included a deodorant for women.

According to the advert, in which a woman is shaving her underarms before she introduces Nivea Calm and Care deodorant, 77 per cent of women feel sexier when their underarms look good.

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