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L’Oreal gives awards for ‘ethical excellence’

By Simon Pitman , 07-Jul-2009
Last updated on 07-Jul-2009 at 12:50 GMT2009-07-07T12:50:00Z

Tapping into the increasing awareness and importance of ethical business practices, L’Oreal has launched an award scheme for business ethics.

The L’Oreal for Ethics Excellence Bursary is claimed to be a first in Europe and recognises the aims of two students who have chosen to include the study of business ethics in their vocational training.


L’Oreal, which is organising the bursary in co-operation with the University of Cergy-Pointoise, says the chosen students were selected on the basis of their exemplary academic record.


The importance of ethics in global leaders


The students also had to submit an essay, entitled ‘The importance of ethics in the global leaders of tomorrow’, of which the best two were selected.


The bursary winners were Julie Gallaud and Marion Deferi, who are respectively in their first and second year of the course and both received €5,000.


Both students are studying European Law and Business Ethics master degree, which was launched in co-operation with L’Oreal as a course at the university back in 2008.


European school of thought for business


“L’Oreal’s approach with regards ethics is proactive and determined. Our ambition is to contribute to the development of a European school of thought on business ethics,” said L’Oreal CEO Jean-Paul Agon.


“In this particular case, we wish to recognize and reward young talents who have integrated business ethics in their vocational training.”


L’Oreal also participates and contributes to the development of the university’s Law and Business Chair, with the aim of encouraging corporate responsibility.

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