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IBR-dormin wins European innovation prize

By staff reporter , 25-Sep-2006

IBR's narcissus bulb extract, IBR-dormin, has won the BSB European Innovation prize, vindicating statements that the product is 'a new approach to anti-ageing products'.

The award, in the "naturals" category of the BSB European Innovation prize for cosmetics and chemistry 2006, will be presented in Wurzburg on October 10th, and is yet more recognition for IBR's products following last year's award for the colourless carotenoid product, IBR-CLC, in the most innovative raw materials-actives sections.

The narcissus bulb goes into hibernation in winter, thanks to keartocytes and fibroblasts that cause its cells to divide more slowly.

Research has proved that these properties can be extracted from the bulbs and used in skin care formulations to slow the rate of cell division, giving them more time to develop their protective functions.

This is said to make IBR-dormin suitable for a host of anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle and after-sun products and can even be rendered to act as a whitening agent through another mechanism - a function that will make it suitable for skin whitening products.

"The dormin line basically slows down skin cell proliferation due to its strong anti oxidant properties and has now become a popular ingredient for a host of international cosmetic players," Liki von Oppen-Bezalel, PhD, VP business development marketing recently told .

"We believe that many products actually speed up the process of cell proliferation, which can actually, counterbalancing the efficacy of formulations."

As well as anti-ageing, the dormin line has also proven successful in slowing down the production of melanin as well as the treatment of psoriasis.

Oppen-Bezalel pointed out that it was through the company's work with French cosmetics giant Chanel that it was discovered the ingredient also inhibits the development of melanin, making it an ideal ingredient for skin whitening products.

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