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Devices beauty trend: spotlight on

By Lucy Whitehouse + , 05-May-2017

Devices beauty trend: spotlight on

Google recently picked out beauty devices as one of four key trends for the industry to watch, using data for the most popular searched terms globally.

Here, we take a closer look at the trend, digging behind the surface to consider what opportunities and challenges it could pose.

Trend overview

Google’s report suggests that handheld beauty devices are set to become a staple in beauty routines, as consumers look to tech to support their skin care application.

Consumers are seeking support from devices to aid in their beauty routines,” Google’s report asserts. It notes that facial brushes in particular are seeing global popularity, with the search term dominant across the three core markets - France, Japan and the US - considered in the report. Searches for devices have risen since 2014 across all three markets, particularly dominant in France.

Body brushes, facial rollers, anti-cellulite suction cups and blackhead tweezers are some of the key devices that recur in top searches across the three key markets.

Innovation boost

It’s a trend that market research firms have also tipped for dominance. In its recent report on ‘Innovation Trends and Opportunities in Beauty Devices and Apps’, research firm GlobalData identifies some of the key consumer behaviours and demands shaping innovation in this area.

The technology of beauty devices and apps has been rapidly developing,” it confirms. “More consumers are interested in including these devices in their beauty routines, as they can meet consumer demand for beauty products that offer value, convenience, time savings, and instant gratification. Beauty devices have great potential to become personal care essentials.

The firm has noted that tapping into this marriage of tech and beauty is a key way to target the core consumer group of digitally-savvy millennials.

According to its data, 69% of millennials are interested in smartphone connected electronic tools and beauty devices, and smart beauty is a big opportunity for the industry. Read more on GlobalData’s tips for targeting millennials here.

About the Google Beauty Trends report

The Google report identifies and compares consumer habits and demands across three key global markets: the US, France and Japan.

To compile the report, Google pulled top volume queries related to the beauty category and looked at their monthly volume from September 2014 to September 2016.

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