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Beiersdorf launches new anti-aging treatment targeting DNA

By Simon Pitman , 08-Sep-2006

Scientists at Beiersdorf research and development laboratories have created a new anti-ageing formula containing a combination of cell-active Folic Acid and Creatine to target skin's DNA.

According to the company, the patent-pending formula has been proven to stimulate skin cell renewal and that regular usuage of the system also helps to protect the skin cells DNA against future external damage.

The result of this action is that the skin is left visibly firmer and that a clear reduction in wrinkles can be observed, it is claimed.

Although Folic Acid has been incorporated into anti-aging and lip plumping products for some time, Beiersdorf researchers say they have discovered that this form of vitamin B is involved in DNA synthesis and cell turnover.

On the other hand, Creatine is a relatively new addition to the anti-ageing formulation list.

Recent scientific studies have pointed to the fact that Creatine, a compound that naturally forms in the human body to help regulate the body's metabolism, and in turn energy levels, can help fight various signs of ageing in older adults.

Traditionally it has been used by body builders and athletes as an aid for training and exercise programmes and to help build muscle mass, but now its rejuvenating properties are being applied directly to facial skin, and in particular areas that are prone to wrinkling, including around the eyes and the forehead.

The company's internal study showed that, having devised a method of stabilizing the two compounds with emulsifiers, the ingredient can help improve the skin cell turnover rate. Additional tests showed that after four weeks this effect led to a reduction in wrinkles and increased skin elasticity.

Beiersdorf says that the new ingredient, called DNAge Cell Renewal, has been incorporated into a new line of skin care and anti-ageing products that will be marketed under the Nivea brand.

Launched this month in leading European and other global markets, the company says that further international roll-outs will follow during the course of 2007.

Aimed at the mass market, the complete line will include a day care cream, incorporating an SPF15; an eye cream targeting this delicate skin area that often shows the first signs of visible ageing; together with a night cream.

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