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BMW and Mercedes corner the cosmetics industry with multifunctional branded products

By Pooja Kondhia , 25-Oct-2011
Last updated on 25-Oct-2011 at 12:38 GMT2011-10-25T12:38:32Z

German luxury automotive brands Mercedes Benz and BMW have ventured into the cosmetics and personal care industry with recent product launches of a fragrance and hand sanitizer targeted at the public as part of their company goals to expand as well as ‘create credible products’ respectively.

With the recent launch of its perfume for men, Mercedes Benz has forayed into the public fragrance market, ‘as part of a systematic expansion of [its] wide and high-end product range’, a company spokesperson told

Multi-functional trend

In comparison, BMW’s hand sanitizer launch is a first for the premium brand, which it states is a multi-functional hand lotion.

Purif-I, the hand sanitizer was developed in collaboration with Austrian cosmetics company Susanne Kaufmann and is ’an example of how nature and technology can work together and effectively enhance each other’, a company spokesperson told

According to the company, BMW’s hand sanitizer is a multi-functional product as it has anti-bacterial properties provided by the use of 62 per cent alcohol and moisturises thanks to the use of silk proteins.

In doing so, BMW has tapped into the trend for consumer demand for multi-functional products with added value.

Collaboration with fragrance firm

The Mercedes Benz fragrance was created in collaboration with Swiss flavours and fragrances company Firmenich.

The car firm is no stranger to the cosmetics industry with a fragrance range available exclusively for its customers and other accessories like watches and eyewear available to the general public.

Both companies have entered into the cosmetics and personal care industry specifically targeting public consumers expanding their brands, with the sanitizer available for purchase now worldwide.

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