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Correcting Spots with a 4-Level Mechanism against Skin Pigmentation

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Corum Inc

Perfect skin tone has always been endlessly explored as an important beauty topic. The cosmetic market shows great demand for whitening products with the aim to lighten skin complexion and lessen pigmentation for a more radiant look. In addition to the dominated skin lightening trend in Asia, the concept of ‘Pale is the New Tan’ has also gradually emerged in the US and the European countries as customers are becoming more educated and aware of the topic of skin cancer related to UV. Following this trend, Corum’s advanced peptide can help to meet the current demand thanks to its potency on spot correcting and skin tone evening ability. This whitening peptide can target four major processes of skin pigmentation, including diminishing the release of keratinocyte-derived factors, melanosome formation, melanin synthesis as well as melanosome transport. Join this session to gain in-depth insights on this patented technology.


  • Ginny Chang

    Ginny Chang

    Marketing Executive

    Corum Inc.

  • Jill Hsu

    Jill Hsu

    Senior Product Development Executive

    Corum Inc.

  • Snow Hsieh

    Snow Hsieh

    International Sales Assistant Manager

    Corum Inc.