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Snow Algae Powder activates longevity genes

Published: 30-Apr-2014 | Format: Webinar | Document type: Supplier Webinar
Related applications: Skin Care

Snow Algae Powder is a novel active based on an extremophile algae living on glaciers. The cosmetic ingredient is produced in a sustainable way in special bio-reactors. The algae extract offers a new anti-aging approach by mimicking calorie restriction mimetic activities. It stimulates the Klotho anti-aging hormone and activates the AMPK protein to rejuvenate the papillary skin structure. Thus, Snow Algae Powder is a key to increase skin’s longevity.


  • Daniel Schmid

    Dr. Daniel Schmid

    Head of Research

    Mibelle Biochemistry

  • Fred Zülli

    Dr. Fred Zülli

    Managing Director

    Mibelle Biochemistry

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