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Revitalizing the Skin with Molecular Oxygen

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Air Products

Upper layers of the skin rely on and are largely supplied by atmospheric oxygen. This molecular oxygen is vital to support the normal structure and activity of cells and plays a crucial role in the production of collagen, which is synthesized when proline and lysine are hydroxylated with adequate levels of oxygen. Many factors can contribute to sub-optimal skin oxygen levels, including the aging process. Revitalizing the skin through delivery of molecular oxygen in cosmetic products is now possible with OxyForceâ„¢ Cellular Active, a high performance solution that increases skin oxygen partial pressure, supporting natural collagen production, wrinkle depth reduction, and skin smoothness.


  • Arnoldo Fonseca

    Arnoldo Fonseca

    Market Manager, Americas Region, Personal Care

    Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

  • Joaquin Perez Sanchez

    Joaquin Perez Sanchez

    Market Manager, EMEA Region, Personal Care

    Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.