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Enhancing Performance by Formulating Robust and Efficient LCE Skin Care and Sun Care Systems

Format: Webinar | Document type: Supplier Webinar
Related applications: Skin Care

Liquid Crystal O/W Emulsions (LCE) mimic the organization of lipids in human skin. Such emulsions are known to give more flexibility in challenging conditions (extreme pH and electrolytes tolerance) and to improve skin moisturization.
Our latest studies demonstrate that with the right ingredients, it is easy to create robust LCE that will enhance the effectiveness of skin care and sun care formulations by promoting transdermal penetration of biological actives ingredients. By offering better compatibility between the emulsion and the skin these systems can improve the uniformity of the emulsion film on skin ‘surface, and potentially enhance performance. During this presentation, Laurent Blasco will provide an informative guide with innovative solutions for the formulation of LCE skin care and sun care systems.


  • Laurent Blasco

    Laurent Blasco

    Global Skincare Technical / Application Manager

    Lubrizol Advanced Materials Europe BVBA

  • Lee Roberts

    Lee Roberts

    Marketing Communications Manager, Personal and Home Care

    Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc.

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