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Philip Kingsley selects airless dispenser following consumer feedback

By Andrew McDougall , 13-Sep-2011
Last updated on 13-Sep-2011 at 12:36 GMT2011-09-13T12:36:29Z

Philip Kingsley selects airless dispenser following consumer feedback

Hair care specialist Philip Kingsley has acted on consumer feedback to select a slimline airless dispenser from packaging firm Rieke Dispensing for its latest range of styling products.

The range had originally been designed in 50ml containers, but following customer feedback that the product ran out too quickly, Philip Kingsley were prompted to look for a larger pack.

The styling range, which includes Preen Cream, Smooth Cream, Straight Hair and Minimizer products, have now been launched in Rieke’s 100ml slimline dispensers.

“We offer premium products so it is essential that the dispenser is both easy to use and able to evacuate the entire product, and these are the key reasons why we selected the Rieke dispenser,” explained Clare Edgecombe, Philip Kingsley UK’s Managing Director.

Combination of practicality, convenience and style

“The dispenser offers the exact combination of practicality, convenience and style that we require and has fitted perfectly into our existing product range.”

The containers match the UK-based hair care brand’s specific design brief as they are able to handle viscous products with ease to deliver an accurate dose each time and ensure full evacuation of the container.

Rieke also notes that the dispenser features a non-metal contact construction, ensuring no contamination of the product.

Airless systems are now seen by the industry as a win-win, for both brand owners and consumers. Protection of complex formulas is critical, whether the brand is in the mass, masstige or prestige sector.

Airless technology a popular choice

The airless dispensing system also offers demonstrable consumer benefits, which is why this packaging solution is fast becoming more popular in the beauty, cosmetics and pharma markets.

It is also viewed that an airless system provides a luxury look that is attractive when on the shop floor, something which Philip Kingsley admitted was the appeal of Rieke’s slimline design.

According to Rieke, the dispenser in question has a robust design and user-friendly operation, including a special suck-back feature that pulls product back into the nozzle for a clean and hygienic dispenser each time, an example of convenience benefits that all airless systems offer.

Many of today’s formulations, particularly within the skin and hair care segment, are prime candidates for airless dispensing technology. Two trends involving formulations particularly drive airless’ popularity: natural ingredients and increasingly sophisticated products.

As well as formulation considerations airless technology provides brands with additional benefits versus traditional containers such as no dip tubes and controllable dosage.

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