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CSI/Cosmolab seals green packaging partnership

By Guy Montague-Jones , 20-Mar-2008

Cosmetics packaging firm CSI/Cosmolab has teamed up with material supplier Cereplast to develop environmentally friendly double-walled jars and closures from bio-plastics.

Increasing consumer demand for products with good green credentials and higher oil prices are driving manufacturers to seek out packaging companies that provide eco-friendly principles. Extension of CSI/Cosmolabs's green range CSI/Cosmolab is looking to extend its green packaging range beyond its existing products, made from Post Consumer Resin (PCR). Unlike PCR, which is a blend of recycled plastics, the packaging products that the company now plans to develop are partly made from corn. California-based CSI/Cosmolab will use Cereplast's Biopropylene, which is a hybrid product made from a 50/50 mix of petroleum and starch-based resin. The company claimed it exhibited similar physical characteristics to traditional polypropylene while being more environmentally-friendly and increasingly economical as oil prices rise. Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly "Cereplast resins offer a cost-effective means for packaging companies to enhance their sustainability without compromising on quality or aesthetics," said Cereplast CEO Frederic Scheer. CSI/Cosmolab is stepping up its sustainability efforts by partnering with Cereplast, which was praised for its environmentally-friendly manufacturing. "The Cereplast resin boasts the lowest carbon footprint of any product offered by our company," said Hiram Santana, CSI/Cosmolab's product development manager. "This is another important step in our effort to lead the industry in green initiatives."

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