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Glacier water trend: the latest hit ingredient?

By Lucy Whitehouse + , 09-May-2017

Glacier water trend: the latest hit ingredient?

Scandinavian countries having been taking the lead recently as ingredients hot spots where consumers keen on natural and wellbeing are looking for inspiration.

Indeed, according to a 2016 Soil Association report, Denmark boasts the highest organic food market share in the world, for example, and Sweden has one of the highest proportions of organic-certified farmland in Europe.

In beauty, we have been seeing an increasing Nordic influence entering ingredients and products development: indeed, a Dominque Assenat, who is head of color, beauty, and accessories at Peclers Paris spoke about the trend at the recent in-cosmetics Global industry event.

Purity of water

One area the trend is evident is in the rising interest in ingredients linked with the region: one such ingredient is water. The interest in the ideas of purity associated with water from the region is not limited to Scandinavia, however: Swiss brands are making moves to assert a similar profile.

Indeed, MS Swiss Cosmetics has just launched a range of five skin care treatments, centering on the purity and benefits of water from the Titlis Glacier and red algae in the country.

The products, the company states, “derive their moisturizing, energizing and rebalancing power from the water of Titlis glacier that is rich in minerals and trace elements.

Ecological, young interest

Assenat explained in a recent interview with Deanna Utroske, Cosmetics Design, that young consumers are driving interest in these types of ingredients.

“Young customers, and especially Generation Z, have a more activist attitude when it comes to ecological issues,” she notes.

“[We’re seeing] a great focus on preservation of ingredients through cold techniques as well as much learning from ancestral techniques of drying and fermenting.”

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