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Less than four weeks left to submit for the Beauty Industry Awards

11-Jan-2017 - The count down to the first ever Cosmetics Design Beauty Industry Awards is well under way and there are now less than four weeks to go for the cut off...

Pushing for a European standard for natural and organic cosmetics in 2017

11-Jan-2017 - Trade group Natrue has said that it intends to push for a harmonised European standard on organic and natural personal care and cosmetics in 2017.

Beauty’s gastronomia trend: spotlight on honey

06-Jan-2017 - Gastronomia is a term in the beauty and personal care industry increasingly used to describe the intersection of food and beauty trends, and is particularly rising to prominence as part...

Seppic acquires naturals active ingredients division from Bayer

05-Jan-2017 - Seppic, a major ingredients player in the beauty and personal care industry, has confirmed the acquisition of Serdex, a division of Bayer.

Yves Rocher expands in Nigeria

04-Jan-2017 - Having launched its first store presence in Nigeria last year, French beauty brand Yves Rocher has taken a step forward with the opening of its second outlet.

Ingredients manufacturer M&A activity in 2016

21-Dec-2016 - It has been a big year for merger and acquisition activity among some of the biggest players in the fine chemical and ingredients supplier segment.

Natural formulation innovation highlights of 2016

21-Dec-2016 - As rapid growth in natural and natural-based cosmetics and personal care products continues, formulators are under pressure to develop products that meet this demand without compromising efficacy.

Don't forget to make your submission to the Beauty Industry Awards!

20-Dec-2016 - The first submissions are coming in for the Beauty Industry Awards so you don't want to miss out on getting your own entries into this industry leading competition that will...

Guest article

5 Top Actives of 2016

20-Dec-2016 - We’ve seen some fantastic materials launched this year with strong science and significant clinically proven results. There is no doubt ‘high science’ was on the agenda. Here are industry expert Belinda Carli's...

Gastronomia from the EMEA perspective

13-Dec-2016 - The naturals movement has always married food trends with beauty, and this is increasingly becoming known under the umbrella of ‘gastronomia’. We take a look at the latest trend from...

France backing beauty with investment scheme

08-Dec-2016 - A French funding and development organisation recently launched a new ‘Performance Accelerator’ programme, and picked out ingredients manufacturer Alban Muller as one of its first companies to back.

Can new DIY natural beauty brand Oleum Vera disrupt skin care and body care?

29-Nov-2016 - Launched just this week Oleum Vera is the latest brand from MMTUM, a company based in Montreal, Canada, that’s creatively commercializing DIY for an array of industries.

Anti-pollution Part IV: What next for the protection trend?

25-Nov-2016 - According to Mintel, only 3% of face care launches had the word ‘pollution’ in marketing last year, suggesting there is huge room for growth in this category. In the final...

Solabia acquisition of Algues & Mer: pollution-free algae in focus

22-Nov-2016 - Solabia, ingredients manufacturer, has announced the acquisition of a France-based company that specialises in biosphere-sourced materials.

Sensory in focus: Clariant responds with 'cool' natural sun care

17-Nov-2016 - Clariant is responding to the challenge posed by natural sun care: how to balance green formulations with the high consumer demands for an appealing product in regard to its sensory...

Exclusive interview

Stem cells are effective in skin care: confusion caused by bad marketing

15-Nov-2016 - With stem cell science coming under criticism from some quarters, an expert in the field calls for clarity in an exclusive interview with CosmeticsDesign.

Special Newsletter: Sustainaibility

Why are Unilever and L’Oréal leading the way on sustainability?

11-Nov-2016 - The biggest cosmetic and personal care players are making huge inroads on their sustainability objectives, consistently raising the bar in an effort to reduce energy and waste.

Symrise nominated as top corporation for sustainability

04-Nov-2016 - Symrise, global fragrance and ingredients supplier, has been picked out for its efforts in sustainability, with the company having been nominated for the 2016 German Sustainability Award.

What does ‘protection’ mean for the industry? in-cosmetics Formulation Summit

26-Oct-2016 - Formulators and other experts from across personal care gathered in London last week for the second in-cosmetics Formulation Summit, and debated the theme of protection.

How does the green trend relate to anti-pollution?

21-Oct-2016 - With anti-pollution now a primary focus for personal care innovation, how the trend interacts with other consumer demands is a key consideration.

Getting ethical claims right is crucial as trend heads for mainstream

20-Oct-2016 - Ethical claims are one of the hottest topics in the industry as brands rush to meet the demands of an increasingly socially conscious consumer. But where is this trend going?

Can an olive oil waste product reduce the cost of biosurfactant production?

19-Oct-2016 - Researchers from Brazil and Europe have found a use for an oil byproduct that they believe could save cosmetic ingredient manufactures money.

DSM awarded fair trade certification

18-Oct-2016 - A leading ingredients supplier, DSM, has announced that one of its sites has been awarded a Fair Trade certification.

Finalists announced for the Sustainable Beauty Awards

13-Oct-2016 - The finalists for the third Sustainable Beauty Awards have been announced and are all the running for the top category prizes to be announced in Paris on October 24th.

Aluminium salts study claims ingredient can be linked with cancer

11-Oct-2016 - A new study by the University of Geneva claims to show that aluminum salts, widely used in antiperspirants and deodorants, could be environmental breast carcinogens.

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