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How does the green trend relate to anti-pollution?

21-Oct-2016 - With anti-pollution now a primary focus for personal care innovation, how the trend interacts with other consumer demands is a key consideration.

Getting ethical claims right is crucial as trend heads for mainstream

20-Oct-2016 - Ethical claims are one of the hottest topics in the industry as brands rush to meet the demands of an increasingly socially conscious consumer. But where is this trend going?

Can an olive oil waste product reduce the cost of biosurfactant production?

19-Oct-2016 - Researchers from Brazil and Europe have found a use for an oil byproduct that they believe could save cosmetic ingredient manufactures money.

DSM awarded fair trade certification

18-Oct-2016 - A leading ingredients supplier, DSM, has announced that one of its sites has been awarded a Fair Trade certification.

Finalists announced for the Sustainable Beauty Awards

13-Oct-2016 - The finalists for the third Sustainable Beauty Awards have been announced and are all the running for the top category prizes to be announced in Paris on October 24th.

Aluminium salts study claims ingredient can be linked with cancer

11-Oct-2016 - A new study by the University of Geneva claims to show that aluminum salts, widely used in antiperspirants and deodorants, could be environmental breast carcinogens.

Lipoid Kosmetik in ‘top 1% of suppliers’

06-Oct-2016 - Lipoid Kosmetik, supplier of botanical extracts and natural ingredients, has been ranked in the top 1% of suppliers for CSR by a ratings agency.

Is preservative-free formulation realistic?

05-Oct-2016 - With consumer demand for ‘truly natural’ beauty products continuing to grow, Cosmetics Design considers whether preservative-free formulation can be realistic for the industry.

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‘Embrace microbes to go truly natural’ says skin care expert

04-Oct-2016 - Currently, there is no naturals trend in the beauty and personal care industry, according to skin care formulator and director of JooMo, Nick Wallen, because very few brands offer truly...

Fragrance brand Puig buys stake in Brazil naturals player Granado

03-Oct-2016 - Puig, one of the most significant independent global fragrance players, has taken a minority stake in Granado, a Brazil-based storied pharmacy and owner of naturals brand Phebo.

Cargill eyes expansion of its personal care business

27-Sep-2016 - Agrofood giant Cargill is aiming to expand its footprint in the cosmetics and personal care arena, and has announced a new leader to head up the global team.

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Biomimetics: the future of beauty innovation from nature

27-Sep-2016 - Biomimetics - using concepts and principles from nature to create new materials, devices and systems - could offer huge opportunities for beauty.

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By-products and re-used materials raise bar on formulation sustainability

21-Sep-2016 - Ethical and sustainability claims are proving among the hottest trends right now, and a new way for formulators to tap into this heightened state of consumer consciousness is to reuse...

Organic beauty week plugs new Cosmetics Organic Standard

20-Sep-2016 - Organic beauty week has thrown a new certification for organic beauty products into the spotlight.

Greenwashing ‘still a risk for our sector’, says industry group

15-Sep-2016 - According to trade group NATRUE, the cosmetics and personal care industry faces a risk to consumer trust posed by greenwashing claims.

How botanical hair care pioneer PHYTO is staying on trend today

14-Sep-2016 - With product formulations that include plant extracts, a company philosophy that respects the body’s ecosystem, and partnerships that have stylists using PHYTO to create trendy eco-friendly looks at New York...

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Eco-friendly sunscreens: shining a light on the challenges and opportunities

13-Sep-2016 - Although naturals is a dominant trend for beauty, its fellow trend of eco-friendly, sustainable cosmetics is seeing rising consumer enthusiasm too: sunscreens are a key segment where this looks set...

Cargill to focus on personal care ingredients with new appointment

06-Sep-2016 - Cargill, a leading ingredients supplier for the food industry, has made a decisive move into personal care with the appointment of an industry expert to lead its activities and global...

Alban Muller rebrands to emphasise natural credentials

01-Sep-2016 - Alban Muller, a leading ingredients supplier for beauty and personal care industry, has updated its branding to emphasise its focus on naturals and sustainable manufacturing.

Kiehl’s launches first standalone store in Wales

31-Aug-2016 - As part of its ongoing five-year UK expansion plan, L’Oréal-owned skin care brand Kiehl’s has launched its first standalone store in Wales.

UK looks set to tackle microbeads amid calls to ‘avoid the loopholes’

30-Aug-2016 - The UK government’s Environmental Audit Committee has called for a ban in the use of microbeads in cosmetics, which it recommends the country implements even if the EU avoids doing...

What’s the state of anti-pollution skin care? Part II

25-Aug-2016 - Anti-pollution is a key rising trend: in this three part mini-series, Cosmetics Design sits down with formulation expert Gabrielle Sore, scientific communication director for skin care at L’Oréal, to find...

What’s the state of anti-pollution skin care? Part I

24-Aug-2016 - Anti-pollution is a key rising trend for the beauty and personal care industry: in this three part mini-series, Cosmetics Design sits down with formulation expert Gabrielle Sore, scientific communication director...

Organic cosmetics and convenience driving global packaging market

24-Aug-2016 - The major trends driving the growth of the global cosmetics packaging market have been revealed in a new market report by Technavio, with the rise of organic cosmetics and urbanisation...

Majority of French women buying beauty online

19-Aug-2016 - A new report has found that 58% of French women surveyed say they purchase beauty products digitally, with skin care leading the trend.