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Special Newsletter - Indie Brands

The top ten most innovative indie beauty products

31-May-2017 - The indie beauty category has been leading the way when it comes to ground breaking and innovative products, so we at Cosmetics Design thought it a good idea to pick...

Harrods launches new ‘integrative beauty’ concept: holistic beauty and wellness clinic

31-May-2017 - In a move that appears to respond to the ongoing rise in the crossover between beauty and wellness, Harrods department store in London has launched a clinic concept that promotes...

Avoid Black Henna campaign gathers momentum

30-May-2017 - Black henna temporary tattoos have become the focus of an increasing vocal public awareness campaign, with the material used in these tattoos not likely to be henna at all, but...

SIMPPAR gearing up to welcome perfumery players to Paris

26-May-2017 - The Salon International des Matières Premières pour la Parfumerie is set to host its biennial international exhibition in Paris, 14th-15th June.

New delivery technology enables Linnea to launch unique botanical ingredients portfolio

25-May-2017 - Switzerland-based pharma solutions provider Linnea is targeting cosmetics and personal care thanks to new delivery technology that brings its botanical extracts to the skin care category for the first time.

Lush: leading the way on sustainable premium products?

24-May-2017 - Lush, an international personal care brand, has launched a range of products that suggest it is pushing ahead with sustainable premium skin care products.

L’Occitane speeds up expansion into colour makeup

19-May-2017 - L’Occitane International S.A. has announced it is taking a 40% stake in US-based natural skin care and personalized makeup company, LimeLight.

On-site identification of botanical species: new partnership announced

10-May-2017 - With transparency and consumer trust becoming a central issue for the industry, a new partnership between Hyris and Indena looks to offer suppliers and brands greater security in the provenance...

Preservatives in focus: hunting for alternatives

09-May-2017 - We look at the efforts the organisations and companies across the industry are making to keep up with the demand for effective and safe preservative ingredients.

Glacier water trend: the latest hit ingredient?

09-May-2017 - Scandinavian countries having been taking the lead recently as ingredients hot spots where consumers keen on natural and wellbeing are looking for inspiration.

Vegan fragrance: Mintel points to opportunity in France

04-May-2017 - Fragrance manufacturers and retailers in France may be missing a trick by not making use of vegetarian and vegan claims, according to Mintel.

Birkenstock ready for skin care expansion

03-May-2017 - German manufacturer most famous for its cork sandals, Birkenstock, is taking the plunge into skin care, hoping to maximise on its ‘wholesome’ brand image to court consumer demand for naturals.

Dow unveils massive formulation pipeline following merger

02-May-2017 - Following the merger of Dow Chemical and Dow Corning the companies have now combined their research and development capabilities to highlight its "innovation powerhouse'. In this video interview Stephanie Sandrock-Benaud...

Our in-cosmetics Global round up: the Europe perspective

27-Apr-2017 - The start of this month saw London play host to this year’s edition of in-cosmetics Global, a leading industry trade show bringing together professionals from across the supply chain. Here,...

What are the trends to watch? Devices, DIY, bathing and men’s, Google says

27-Apr-2017 - Google has compiled data to curate a beauty trends report. Here, we take a look at its top predictions for the period ahead: devices, DIY, bathing and male grooming.

Beauty ingredients: Google on global cross-market trends

26-Apr-2017 - Google has revealed its insight into some of the major trends defining beauty and personal care ingredients: we take a look the internet giant’s findings.

Organic beauty: trust and labelling in focus

26-Apr-2017 - Organic beauty hit the headlines in the UK this week, as the Soil Association released a report suggesting that consumers are being misled by current labelling on products.

Masks and masking: Google on global cross-market trends

25-Apr-2017 - Google has emphasised that masking is increasingly a dominant, global trend: we take a closer look at the internet giant’s findings on the segment.

DSM launches focus on different aspects of skin care

21-Apr-2017 - Cosmetics Design caught up with DSM's new head of marketing and innovation to find out about the company's new skin care launches, which focus on taking UV filters to the...

J&J Innovaton picks its top beauty startup: biotech wins out

19-Apr-2017 - Johnson & Johnson Innovation recently held a pitching competition for beauty startups, and selected a biotech company as its winner.

Baldness still key male grooming concern: Silab’s ingredient launch responds

19-Apr-2017 - Recent data suggests the industry could be doing more to meet consumer demand for hair loss targeting products, and new ingredients launches suggest companies are making moves to respond.

Oil production innovation: potential to change the industry?

18-Apr-2017 - Olixol, a plant culturing and research company, has announced the launch of ‘pioneering’ technology that enables the scalable production of pure, natural oils from plant cells.

New biomarker technology set to ‘secure beauty brands’ integrity’

18-Apr-2017 - Applied DNA Sciences, a high-technology company, has launched SigNature DNA, a natural, green molecular tag that can be used to mark cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients.

Natural & organic top products: award winners announced

13-Apr-2017 - A recent trade show focusing on the ever-dominant category of naturals and organics has announced the brands and products selected as its award winners.

Food, beauty and drink: increasing crossover

13-Apr-2017 - The influence of the closely neighbouring industries of beauty, food and drink on each other is continuing to develop, according to research firm GlobalData.

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