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BASF research underlines effectiveness of scalp ingredient

By Simon Pitman+

Last updated on 07-Sep-2017 at 15:15 GMT2017-09-07T15:15:50Z

BASF research underlines effectiveness of scalp ingredient

BASF has released new research to underline the effectiveness of its PatcH2O ingredient. As well as outline its effectiveness in scalp care, the research also shows a positive impact on hair care.

Scalp care has seen a lot of activity recently as consumers realise that healthy hair is determined by good scalp care. BASF’s latest research connects these two theories with proven clinical trials.

The development of PatcH2Otargets a moisturized scalp while also providing important protection that is said to ultimately help improve both the structure and shine of hair.

Indeed, BASF believes that its recent research underscores claims that it can be effective for anti-ageing scalp care – a small but fast-growing category.

The clinical trials

The BASF research team tested the ingredients in a double-blind placebo controlled clinical study, which they said showed “a significant, immediate and sustained improvement in scalp moisturisation”.

The study was undertaken on female volunteers with all hair types and of varying ethnic backgrounds, using a 2% PatcH2O leave on serum formulation for one group, while using a placebo for a second group.

Ccalp hydration was assessed using dielectric conductivity at baseline, at baseline, four hours, 21 hours and 3 days following treatment.

The results showed that up to 52% increased scalp hydration was detected in the group being treated with the PatcH2O solution, while that same volunteer group also reported that their scalp felt more comfortable, while there was a notable improvement in hair quality and shine.

Macromolecular technology

BASF says that the development of the ingredient is thanks to its work in the area of natural macromolecules, combined with the controlled release of active ingredients.

PatcH2O actually works on two levels, offering optimum hydration through a combination of natural biopolymers, hyaluronic acid and alginate, while a natural glucan forms a 3D molecular mesh that reduces water evaporation and forms a protective film on the scalp.

In turn, the ingredient then works by creating a micro-network that is loaded with a moisturizing complex containing glycerin, L-serine, trehalose and urea that is gradually realeased in to the stratum corneum to optimize the moisture levels in the scalp skin.

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