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Unilever research into ‘youthful’ gene could be anti-ageing breakthrough

06-May-2016 - Researchers say they have identified the first genetic evidence to explain the difference between perceived age and actual age, and the secret may be in the MC1R gene.

Anti-ageing Special Newsletter

New directions in anti-ageing

03-May-2016 - Cosmetics Design surveys this distinctive beauty category by looking forward at formulation trends and reflecting on innovative launches and business moves from the past year.

Anti-ageing Special Newsletter

Anti-ageing may not reflect consumer sentiment – age management is better

27-Apr-2016 - Age management is a more appropriate term to describe the anti-ageing category and better reflects consumer sentiment, as consumers are now embracing their age, according to a market analyst.

Greater understanding of pollution leads to new Sederma active Citystem

22-Apr-2016 - Sederma has turned its innovation attention to the popular anti-pollution trend, developing its latest natural active ingredient Citystem to fight against visible and invisible pollution damage to the skin. 

Anti-Ageing Special Newsletter

Cosmetics Design Anti-Ageing Special Newsletter

20-Apr-2016 - Welcome to this special edition newsletter on anti-ageing, covering all the latest trends and scientific breakthroughs in what is one of the most vital and inspiring categories in the industry.

Study shows efficacy and safety of DMN patch containing skin depigmentation agent

15-Apr-2016 - The future of functional ingredient delivery in anti-ageing and cosmetics could be done using a dissolving microneedle (DMN) patch after a new study verified a prototype for its safety and...

Study shows how ageing can affect properties and perception of hair

24-Mar-2016 - We normally associate hair loss, thinning and greying as markers of age, and a new study has now shown how ageing influences the diameter, surface topography, hardness, loss modulus, storage...

Scientists develop novel facial serum demonstrating significant anti-ageing benefits

11-Mar-2016 - Researchers in France and Spain have developed a novel anti-ageing facial serum containing apple stem cell extract, pro-collagen lipopeptide, creatine, and urea, which has been shown to significantly improve skin...

Breakthrough skin cell understanding on key enzyme offers anti-ageing advancements

08-Mar-2016 - Scientists have identified that the activity of the key enzyme mitochondrial complex II significantly decreases in older skin and say this could hold the key to future cosmetic product development.

Scientists identify dormant stage as crucial to healthy hair growth

04-Mar-2016 - A new study shows that the dormant phase for hair can actually be important for maintaining the cells' rejuvenating activity over time, as inhibiting a specific stem cell gene can...

Scientists identify grey hair gene for first time

02-Mar-2016 - Scientists at University College London have identified the gene for greying hair for the first time, as well as the genes influencing hair shape and density and this could have...

Tattoo trend inspires new Rahn skin active

18-Feb-2016 - The increasing number of people getting tattoos is an unlikely source of inspiration for Rahn’s newest Liftonin-Xpert active, due to the specialised skin care required after-inking.

Study links air pollution to dark spots on the face

11-Feb-2016 - A study on women from Germany and China has shown that there is a link between traffic-related air pollution caused to dark spots on the face, known as lentigenes or...

Skin wrinkle assessment on knee useful for body ageing – linked to Crow’s feet

10-Feb-2016 - A new study has suggested that the knee could be the best site to evaluate skin wrinkles and can give a more rounded view of body ageing, as the wrinkle...

BASF raises vitamin A products prices to reflect global demand

05-Feb-2016 - German firm BASF announces that it is increasing the global prices for its Vitamin A products by 20% in order to reflect the demand and supply situation on the market,...

Scientists develop sunscreen concept that allows body to produce vitamin D

04-Feb-2016 - A research team made up of scientists in Germany and the US claim to have made a sun care breakthrough having developed a process for altering the ingredients in a...

BASF launches Speci’Men ingredient to target men’s specific skin properties

04-Feb-2016 - Men and women’s skin is structurally different in a number of ways, from thickness to the ability to grow a beard, and this means that ingredients should be developed to...

Exclusive interview

Anti-pollution, ingredients and apps - looking into skin care’s crystal ball…

29-Jan-2016 - Anti-pollution, innovative ingredients, Asia influence, sustainability, and apps are all predicted to be key drivers in the skin care market in 2016 thanks to consumer demand and a focus on...

Lipotec launches new anti-pollution active to meet growing trend

27-Jan-2016 - Ingredient supplier Lipotec has announced its latest functional ingredient, Pollushield, which targets skin protection from urban pollution by helping to prevent the accumulation of pollution particles in the epidermis.

Researchers provide clinical evidence of collagen peptides as anti-ageing nutricosmetic

27-Jan-2016 - A team of researchers has shown the efficacy of specific collagen peptides to improve skin moisture and, for the first time, to prevent and reduce the fragmentation of the dermal...

Croda launches latest skin smoothing ingredient

26-Jan-2016 - Ingredient supplier Croda has launched its new high molecular weight protein hydrolysate Prolevis, which targets skin wrinkles and imperfections, claiming to instantly smooth the skin.

BASF partners with French biotech firm to develop skin firmness actives

26-Jan-2016 - BASF and the French biotechnology company CYTOO have launched a collaboration to research human fibroblasts with the end goal of developing and testing active ingredients that contribute to increase skin...

L’Oréal: Technology is a new way for consumers to experience beauty

14-Jan-2016 - Wearable technology has had a huge impact on the health and wellness industry and can do the same for the beauty sector as it can change the ways consumers understand...

Yonsei University develops acid patch to reduce photo-ageing wrinkles

14-Jan-2016 - Scientists at Yonsei University in South Korea have developed an AA-loaded DMN patch that they claim treats wrinkles as proved in in vitro and clinical studies. 

Skin care ingredient shown to mimic anti-ageing effect of calorie restriction diet

07-Jan-2016 - Allantoin, which is a n ingredient commonly used in shampoos, lipsticks, , sun care , and skin care products, is one of several newly identified compounds that can mimic the...

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