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Lipotec’s ingredient marries moisturisation with exfoliation

14-Jan-2009 - Lipotec’s new ingredient uses an enzyme present in papaya to help exfoliate and moisturise.

Thistle helps skin recover after cosmetic treatments, says supplier

07-Jan-2009 - Cotton thistle extract can help repair and restructure damaged skin, according to French ingredients supplier Gattefossé.

Estee Lauder in trouble over 'instant' wrinkle filler

07-Jan-2009 - Estée Lauder is the latest company to run into trouble with the UK advertising standards agency (ASA) for making claims about its product that could not be supported.

Plant-based ingredients may have a future in sun protection

11-Dec-2008 - Plant-based compounds with antioxidant properties are likely to be playing an increasingly important role in the sun care of the future.

Burdock fruit is the latest ingredient to join the fight against skin ageing

19-Nov-2008 - Burdock fruit extract holds potential as an anti-ageing ingredient according to scientists at Beiersdorf.

Mibelle harnesses chocolate's feel good factor for the skin

18-Nov-2008 - A nanoemulsions of the cocoa bean extract is the latest ingredient to join Mibelle’s skin care portfolio.

Lipotec releases peptide ingredient to protect against UV damage

12-Nov-2008 - A tetrapeptide that offers protection against UV damage is the latest ingredient to join Lipotec’s Preventive Cosmetics portfolio.

Safety of common skin whitener called into question

28-Oct-2008 - The safety of the common skin whitener kojic acid has been called into question by a European scientific body.

Edelweiss stem cells could help in the fight against ageing

22-Oct-2008 - Italian biotech company the Institute for Biotechnological Research (IRB) has released an anti-ageing ingredient based on edelweiss stem cells.

Aïny skin care line thrown into spotlight

10-Oct-2008 - Having picked up one of the most coveted awards at the recent Beyond Beauty show, the developer of innovative skin care line Aïny says that distributors are knocking at its...

‘Anti-ageing’ perfume launched in Europe

24-Sep-2008 - Fragrance designer Harvey Prince has launched a new scent in the European market that claims to make women smell younger.

Johnson and Johnson in trouble over anti-ageing advert

17-Sep-2008 - Johnson and Johnson is the latest cosmetics player to be criticised for its ‘unsubstantiated’ advertising claims.

Senetek releases new cytokinin-based anti-aging ingredient

15-Sep-2008 - A new anti-aging ingredient Pyratine-6 has been launched by California-based company Senetek.

Silab showcases new organic ingredients line

11-Sep-2008 - France-based ingredients supplier Silab has been showcasing its recently released organic ingredient lines at New York’s HBA trade show.

BiotechMarine unveils natural-based anti-ageing active

04-Sep-2008 - France-based Biotech Marine has launched a new anti-aging concept called BioFA, which is based on marine-derived phytoplankton and arginine ferrulate.

First consumer anti-ageing magazine published

22-Aug-2008 - The boom in anti-ageing has prompted Elite Publishing to launch a UK magazine dedicated exclusively to the subject.

Symrise strikes up biotech partnership in the US

19-Aug-2008 - Germany-based active ingredients firm Symrise says it has acquired a 20 per cent stake in bioactive peptides specialist Theraputic Peptides (TPI).

Seaweed taps into the anti-ageing trend

13-Aug-2008 - A brown algae extract is the latest to join the growing number of anti-aging actives claiming to stimulate sirtuin activity, proteins that may play a role in longevity.

Lipid signalling molecule may have anti-aging effects

12-Aug-2008 - Activating the expression of a lipid signalling molecule in the skin may have anti-aging effects, according to Korean scientists.

Scientists prise open the secret to beautiful skin

29-Jul-2008 - Mediterranean mussels and clams from the Black Sea may provide the latest regenerative skin care ingredient, according to scientists in Romania.

Alban Muller launches 29 fruit focused actives

16-Jul-2008 - France-based Alban Muller has launched 29 new active ingredients for the global naturals market with "super fruits" at the heart of the offerings.

Stem cell cream gets into marketing trouble

09-Jul-2008 - The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled against Basic Research for failing to substantiate anti-ageing claims attributed to its "stem cell" cream.

China laps up premium skin care products

26-Jun-2008 - Latest research shows that there has been a significant rise in the market for premium facial care products in China as the country's booming economy continues to fuel consumer spend.

Superdrug battle Boots in anti-ageing category

24-Jun-2008 - UK health and beauty retailer Superdrug is positioning itself to do battle with leading beauty retailer Boots by launching a new anti-ageing skin care range.

Anti-aging polyphenol launched for nutrition and cosmetics

17-Jun-2008 - Danish biotechnology firm Fluxome Sciences will join forces with CP Kelco to produce resveratrol for the food supplements and cosmetics markets.

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