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Top ten cosmetic and personal care trends for 2017

21-Dec-2016 - Cosmetics Design looks ahead to throw some light on the trends that are likely to impact the cosmetics and personal care industry the most throughout the course of 2017.

Don't forget to make your submission to the Beauty Industry Awards!

20-Dec-2016 - The first submissions are coming in for the Beauty Industry Awards so you don't want to miss out on getting your own entries into this industry leading competition that will...

The Beauty Industry Awards are now open for submissions

07-Dec-2016 - The most comprehensive and far-reaching awards for the global beauty industry are now open for submissions that will recognize the most outstanding achievements.

Potential anti-ageing applications for sea cucumber collagen, says study

11-Nov-2016 - The collagenous tissues that enable the sea cucumber to “turn to jelly” could have applications in the treatment of skin ageing, scientists believe.

Euromonitor: Who are the leaders when it comes to anti-pollution?

13-Oct-2016 - Anti-pollution is currently top of the industry’s agenda, and Euromonitor International has released a blog outlining the trend and the key players within it.

Stem cells in skin care don’t actually work, claims expert

06-Oct-2016 - We don’t currently have the technology to use stem cells in skin care properly, a specialist in the topic has claimed. A counter opinion can be read here.

What’s the state of anti-pollution skin care? Part I

24-Aug-2016 - Anti-pollution is a key rising trend for the beauty and personal care industry: in this three part mini-series, Cosmetics Design sits down with formulation expert Gabrielle Sore, scientific communication director...

British male make-up brand is back in the spotlight with deal to conquer the US

27-Jul-2016 - Back in May, we reported MMUK MAN to be reaping the rewards of the new found relaxed attitude towards make-up for men in Britain, now a new deal with

European Commission gives nod to nano titanium dioxide as UV filter

26-Jul-2016 - The European Commission has confirmed an amendment to the list of accepted ultraviolet (UV) filters will now include nano-sized titanium dioxide.

Ginger gene carriers also at higher risk of skin cancer, researchers say

15-Jul-2016 - Scientists in the UK have conducted research that confirms you don't have to have red hair to have a higher risk of burning or skin cancer, which could lead to...

What the end of the beard trend might mean for men’s grooming

08-Jul-2016 - Trend watchers have been predicting the end of the beard trend for several years now, but with solid evidence pointing to its demise, how will it affect the men’s grooming...

Melanin synthesis discovery prompts hope of new cosmetics applications

07-Jul-2016 - New research that has deciphered the formation process for melanin could lead to further development of its use in a number of applications, including cosmetics.

Natural plant material may be the next sunscreen booster

09-Jun-2016 - New research pinpoints a specific type of lignin, a material found in plants, as a possible means of enhancing the UV protection of sunscreen products.

Alban Muller launches African-sourced anti-ageing ingredient

02-Jun-2016 - Alban Muller has launched a new anti-ageing ingredient with a formula that is based on raw materials sourced from Africa, hitting the big trend in natural anti-ageing formulations.

Simplified sun exposure monitoring device uses a paper sensor

01-Jun-2016 - After L’Oreal unveiled a wearable sun patch monitoring device at the beginning of the year, the race has heated up to develop an inexpensive and amenable device for all to...

Exclusive interview

Getting natural-based anti-ageing formulations right – Part I

31-May-2016 - Natural and anti-ageing have been the two mega trends in the industry over the past decade, so it comes as no surprise that there is an increasing number of products...

Does this wrinkle app represent the advent of deep learning in beauty?

26-May-2016 - Anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle claims have long been questioned by both consumers and beauty industry experts alike, but now a new app invites users to verify claims from their own home....

Research into ‘sunscreen gene’ may lead to more effective UV protection

20-May-2016 - Scientists in the U.S. say their research into the "UV radiation Resistance Associated Gene" could help in the development of treatments to fight skin cancer.

Is this new polymer the next quick fix face lift?

18-May-2016 - A group of researchers has developed a silicone-based polymer that acts as a second layer of skin, creating a temporary tightening effect that could be the next anti-aging solution.

Unilever research into ‘youthful’ gene could be anti-ageing breakthrough

06-May-2016 - Researchers say they have identified the first genetic evidence to explain the difference between perceived age and actual age, and the secret may be in the MC1R gene.

Anti-ageing Special Newsletter

New directions in anti-ageing

03-May-2016 - Cosmetics Design surveys this distinctive beauty category by looking forward at formulation trends and reflecting on innovative launches and business moves from the past year.

Anti-ageing Special Newsletter

Anti-ageing may not reflect consumer sentiment – age management is better

27-Apr-2016 - Age management is a more appropriate term to describe the anti-ageing category and better reflects consumer sentiment, as consumers are now embracing their age, according to a market analyst.

Greater understanding of pollution leads to new Sederma active Citystem

22-Apr-2016 - Sederma has turned its innovation attention to the popular anti-pollution trend, developing its latest natural active ingredient Citystem to fight against visible and invisible pollution damage to the skin. 

Anti-Ageing Special Newsletter

Cosmetics Design Anti-Ageing Special Newsletter

20-Apr-2016 - Welcome to this special edition newsletter on anti-ageing, covering all the latest trends and scientific breakthroughs in what is one of the most vital and inspiring categories in the industry.

Study shows efficacy and safety of DMN patch containing skin depigmentation agent

15-Apr-2016 - The future of functional ingredient delivery in anti-ageing and cosmetics could be done using a dissolving microneedle (DMN) patch after a new study verified a prototype for its safety and...

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