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Symrise launches Ecocert approved active ingredient on sustainable ticket

By Simon Pitman , 26-Jun-2009
Last updated on 01-Jul-2009 at 17:57 GMT2009-07-01T17:57:43Z

Germany-based ingredients manufacturer Symrise is ramping up its eco credentials with the launch of its newly Ecocert approved active containing an ethically sourced ingredient.

One of the principle ingredients in the SymRelief formulation is alpha-bisabolol, which, when combined with other ingredients in the formula, creates an active helps alleviate skin irritation.

Alpha-bisabolol is derived from the oil of the candeia tree, which grows in endangered rainforests in Brazil. The company says that it has been investing for a number of years now in Brazil to ensure that its supplies of alpha-bisabolol are from sustainable sources.

The candeia tree grows in the southeastern and centre western regions of Brazil; areas of highland rainforests that have increasingly come under threat from large-scale logging and land clearance for farming.

Candeia plant under threat from deforestation

This deforestation has put the future of both the candeia plant itself and its habitat in danger, which in turn has put pressure on manufacturers sourcing this kind of plant extract to ensure that sustainable practices are put in place.

As one of the largest international suppliers of alpha-bisabolol, Symrise has been developing crops from farmed plants, ensuring that the supplies are sustainable and that they do not have a negative impact on the environment.

To help with this aim, Symrise’s Brazilian partners have contributed towards the Universidade Federal de Lavras, an educational institute in the southern Mina Gerias state that devotes its resources to promoting sustainable farming and land use throughout Brazil.

Eco-certification endorses sustainable efforts

Now all of these investments are paying off in the form of Ecocert approval, which the company received for its SymRelief active last month, an achievement that also endorses its sustainable sourcing of alpha-bisabolol.

“Sustainability has been a major priority at Symrise for years, and we live by it and implement it consistently,” said Helmut Frieden, VP for product safety, health and environmental compliance at Symrise.

“Conserving natural resources and being economical in our use of energy and water are all part of our sustainability strategy.”

Symrise to restructure business

Last month Symrise announced that it was restructuring its business in the light of poor financial results caused by the global economic downturn.

The company said it is closing a production facility in Spain as part of the restructuring plan, with the ultimate aim of improving the company’s bottom line.

Although sales remained stable for the first quarter of 2009, profits for the fragrance and flavour supplier dropped 16 per cent compared to last year’s quarter.

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