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Planet Skincare claims its anti-ageing cream is one of a kind featuring peptides from snake venom

By Michelle Yeomans , 14-Mar-2012

Planet Skincare has developed an anti-ageing platinum-peptide based cream that it says is the only product on the market to contain two actives which effectively prevent and combat fine lines and wrinkles; Syn-ake and platinum colloid active ingredients.

Unique actives

Platinum Crème Excellence is said to be unique as it contains Syn-ake, a natural active based on a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of waglerin 1, a peptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper that inhibits the release of neurotransmitters that cause lines and wrinkles.

While the second active - Platinum Colloid is comprised of nano-particles engineered by company pharmacists whereby up to “48 'short segment peptides' are bonded to a single particle of our platinum,” according to Robyn Gould, Planet Skincare spokesperson.

Engineering our platinum with such a high number of Matrixyl Peptides and blending it with Syn-ake, is what makes our product so unique to the market,” she told

The anti-ageing cream featuring these specific actives is said to act like a GPS system - carrying the actives to the skin cells, directly impacting on the production of Collagen I and III whilst also preventing DNA damage to the skin and visibly reducing the signs of ageing instantly.  

Our pharmacists believe that other platinum products on the market use singular peptides in their products and their peptides are not 'bonded' to the platinum particles,” says Gould.  

This means the platinum will reach the skin cell level but the peptides fall away during the journey through the different layers of the skin tissue and none of these products combine the use of Syn-ake,” she added.   

Nanotechnology buzz

According to Gould, the new 'buzz' in anti-wrinkle technology is 'Platinum Nanotechnology, which is said to have remarkable properties when it comes to direct skin cell repair and rejuvenation.

"It is certainly the most exciting technology to come to the cosmedical market because it is a proven medical technology that delivers drugs and cell-engineering formulas directly to individual skin cells. Until now even the most advanced anti-wrinkle creams have been limited by their ability to penetrate the outer layers of the skin," she concluded.