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ID Bio adds to TitrExtract range, unveils new scientific data on Melan’oWhite

By Katie Nichol , 15-May-2012
Last updated on 15-May-2012 at 12:04 GMT2012-05-15T12:04:22Z

France-based ingredients supplier ID Bio has added three new ingredients to its TitrExtract range of Ecocert-certified titrated extracts and unveiled new scientific data on the ability of its Melan’oWhite ingredient to reduce pigmented spots.

ID Bio first introduced its TitrExtract range in 2011 and says it was mainly developed to help cosmetics brands comply with the regulation on cosmetics coming into force in 2013 requiring them to prove that products contain the ingredients listed on the packaging.

The company says that with these standardised extracts, it offers ingredients in which an active molecule has been identified and can be measured in the final products.

TitrExract range expanded with chamomile, witch hazel and sweet clover

TitrExtract Chamomile featuring chamomile extract titrated in bisabolol oxide, is one of the three new extracts that have been added to the range. It has restorative and soothing properties according to ID Bio, which makes it ideal for use in products such as calming shampoos for irritated scalps, body care for damaged skin and restorative balms for babies. 

Meanwhile, the anti-redness and vasoprotective properties of TitrExtract Sweet Clover, sweet clover extract titrated in coumarin, is said to give it applications in products such as unifying day creams, protective fluids for reactive skins and products to get rid of dark circles. It can also be incorporated into BB creams, the company notes.

The third ingredient to be added to the range, TitrExtract Witch Hazel, is witch hazel extract titrated in proanthocyanidins (expressed as procyanidin B2). According to ID bio, the extract has purifying and astringent properties and can be used in the formulation of skin care products for young skin, cleansing foam for combination skin and in deodorant creams. 

These new ingredients added to the TitrExtract range join four existing ones: a red vine extract titrated in flavonoids for vascular remodeling; a ginseng extract titrated in saponosides to tone and revitalize; a marshmallow extract titrated in peetic substance that is said to be bio-adhesive and re-moisturising, and a spearmint extract titrated in carvon with anti-oxidant and cellular detoxifying properties. 

New scientific data unveiled for Melan’oWhite 

ID Bio has also released new scientific data relating to its Melan’oWhite ingredient, which the company says is naturally rich in lactic acid and vitamin C and is known to brighten the skin and help unify the complexion.

According to ID Bio, a new in vivo study has proven the ability of the ingredient to significantly reduce pigmented spots as well as lighten the skin. After 28 days of daily application by a panel of Asian volunteers, Melan’oWhite was shown to have reduced the area of pigmented spots by 5.4 percent and the perimeter by 3.3 percent. After 56 days, these reductions were 5.5 percent and 5 percent respectively.

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