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IBR re-launches all-natural anti-ageing ingredient

By Simon Pitman , 29-Jan-2008

Israeli Biotechnology Research has launched an all-natural and preservative-free version of its IBR-Dormin anti-ageing ingredient in response to growing demand for totally natural formulations.

To be given its first public showing at the In-Cosmetics show in Amsterdam this April, the ingredient has also been reformulated with vegetable glycerin to improve its remoisturising capabilities. When it was first launched the ingredient tapped into two of the biggest trends in the industry - anti-ageing and natural-based products. Reformulated to meet stricter requirements However, with pressure growing from both consumers and legislative bodies for purer natural and organic formulations the goal posts for such formulations are rapidly changing, leading IBR to reformulate the ingredient in an effort to make it fulfill the stricter criteria. The new IBR-Dormin all natural ingredient is still primarily formulated with Narcissus Tazetta bulb extract, an active that is said to help slow down cell proliferation, and ultimately maintain healthier, younger looking skin. The narcissus bulb goes into hibernation in winter, thanks to keratocytes and fibroblasts that cause its cells to divide more slowly. Slowing skin cell division rate Research is said to have shown that these properties can be extracted from the bulbs and used in skin care formulations to slow the rate of cell division, giving them more time to develop their protective functions. However, the ingredient is not solely focused on the natural and anti-aging ingredients. It is also said to be complementary to after sun formulations, helps inhibit undesired hair growth and has skin whitening properties thanks to its ability to slow melanocytes proliferation. The original IBR-Dormin formulation was launched in March 2006 as a collaboration with German ingredients supplier Symrise, which also currently markets the ingredient.

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