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IBR launches anti-ageing ingredient that targets rosacea

By Katie Nichol , 31-Mar-2010
Last updated on 31-Mar-2010 at 13:18 GMT2010-03-31T13:18:39Z

Natural active ingredients company IBR has launched a new ingredient with anti-ageing and calming properties.

The Israel-based company claims that IBR-CalmDeAge is able to slow down cell proliferation as well as prevent oxidative damage.

Derived from palm date seed, the water-soluble extract also provides relief from symptoms of rosacea, (a chronic condition characterized by facial erythema (redness)) according to IBR.

Clinical trials

The company conducted an in-vivo study on the ingredient to demonstrate its efficacy as an anti-wrinkle and anti-rosacea ingredient.

Over a 28-day period, 12 female volunteers between the ages of 50-69 applied a formulation containing IBR-CalmDeAge at 5 per cent to their skin twice a day.

Results showed that use of cream containing the ingredient led to a decrease in both the number and length of wrinkles after 28 days, with average wrinkle length decreasing by 30 per cent.

Furthermore, after 28 days of using the IBR-CalmDeAge-containing formula, a 27 per cent decrease in both the total surface and the ratio of rosacea was recorded, the company said.

In vitro tests carried out on the ingredient demonstrated its antioxidant activity using a Trolox equivalent, and indicated its ability to slow down cell proliferation (IBR-CalmDeAge concentration levels of 0.12 per cent led to a 13 per cent decrease on keratinocytes proliferation).

Suitable for a variety of personal care applications

According to the company, the ingredient is suitable for use in anti-ageing skin care applications, skin care formulations designed for rosacea sufferers, and sun and hair care products.

IBR will be showcasing IBR-CalmDeAge at the forthcoming in-cosmetics tradeshow in Paris on 13-15 April.

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