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Alcohol free fragrances could ‘revolutionize’ industry

By Katie Bird , 30-Jun-2009
Last updated on 30-Jun-2009 at 17:30 GMT2009-06-30T17:30:57Z

Water-based fragrances could ‘revolutionize’ fine fragrance and personal care products, according to Dow Chemical Company.

An alcohol free fragrance system was awarded the FiFi technological breakthrough of the year award. The award was given to French fragrance house Mane, which used the Dow-developed system in a recent Coty launch.

Water-based fragrances have been held back by technological barriers that meant only ‘light’ fragrances could be developed, according to Eunice Heath, general manager Dow home and personal care.

Stronger water-based formulations

However, the new microemulsion technology allows perfumers to mix higher levels of fragrance oils with water in a stable formulation.

“With our patent-pending technology, Mane can use their expertise to formulate any fine fragrance to a water-based fragrance, and retain the desirable aesthetics and performance unique to that brand.

“This breakthrough has the potential to revolutionize not juts perfume products, but also liquid home and personal care products where alcohol is used to dissolve oils,” said Heath.

Mane used the technology in the development of Coty’s recent release Nautica Oceans that is designed to evoke the smell of the high seas.

“Coty wanted a technology-driven fragrance, so we presented the Dow micro-emulsion technology in a few different trial formulations,” explained vice president for fragrance North America at Mane, Frederic Jacques.

“We then worked to reshape the fragrance so that it had just the right amount of ‘freshness’, meaning how quickly the fragrance is pushed to your nose, and ‘long lastingness’, or how long the scent remains on your skin,” he added.

According to Coty, the fragrance is a biodegradable formulation that is kinder to the environment and the skin.

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