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Hair loss: untapped potential says latest data from Euromonitor

26-Jan-2017 - Hair loss as an issue holds greater potential for the beauty and personal care industry than is currently being met, according to recent data from a Euromonitor International beauty survey.

New study considers how solvents influence skin properties

24-Jan-2017 - A study by researchers at the University of Lund, in Southern Sweden, is taking a closer look at how solvents used in creams and lotions can impact the skin.

Scientists look at hair on a nanoscale

19-Jan-2017 - Researchers from the University of California, San Diego, in collaboration with a scientist out of Zurich, Switzerland, have published new data on the structure and mechanics of hair that has...

Johnson & Johnson at work on skin care that modulates bacteria

05-Jan-2017 - The multinational company has partnered with a biotech firm specializing in probiotic skin care and cosmetics as part of its new JLINX program.

Indie Beauty Expo goes to Los Angeles in January

22-Dec-2016 - The leading personal care and cosmetics event for independent brands is happening in LA next month and will include a new feature called Indie Connect, an educational and networking forum...

Ingredients manufacturer M&A activity in 2016

21-Dec-2016 - It has been a big year for merger and acquisition activity among some of the biggest players in the fine chemical and ingredients supplier segment.

Natural formulation innovation highlights of 2016

21-Dec-2016 - As rapid growth in natural and natural-based cosmetics and personal care products continues, formulators are under pressure to develop products that meet this demand without compromising efficacy.

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5 Top Actives of 2016

20-Dec-2016 - We’ve seen some fantastic materials launched this year with strong science and significant clinically proven results. There is no doubt ‘high science’ was on the agenda. Here are industry expert Belinda Carli's...

New approach to identifying allergens ‘helps fragrance makers speed time to market’

16-Dec-2016 - Identifying allergens is a challenge for any formulator of fragrance products, and one company reckons it’s found a novel way to speed up the process.

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Anti-pollution claims: how to test them?

15-Dec-2016 - With no single, clear definition for the anti-pollution trend, how can brands test their ingredients and finished products for efficacy when it comes to protection claims? We get an industry...

Shiseido to invest millions in beauty startups

13-Dec-2016 - As Shiseido prepares to invest up to ¥3 billion (€24.8 mn) in start-up ventures, the cosmetic giant’s new team will be on the lookout for technologically-advanced concepts and innovations that complement...

SPIM industry event hosts successful 5th edition

13-Dec-2016 - Skin Physiology International Meeting (SPIM) held its 5th edition last month in France, a two day event that looked at the ongoing advances being seen in skin research.

Biomimetics: tarantula inspires new nanostructure colours

07-Dec-2016 - Being able to recreate the ‘dynamic’ bright colours found in the blue tarantula or peacock feathers is becoming a reality, thanks to biomimetics research.


Two Views: Educating the cosmetic chemists of tomorrow

01-Dec-2016 - Online learning and in-lab training both have their advantages. For this installment of Two Views, Cosmetics Design checked in with a pair of educators about how tomorrow’s cosmetic scientists and...

Skin stress response: Chanel Research announces winner of 2016 award

01-Dec-2016 - Chanel Research has announced the winner of the CHANEL-CERIES Research Award 2016: Professor David Kelsell, Ph.D. (UK), for his 'trailblazing work' in skin molecular mechanisms.

New nanoscience suspends oil in clay, expanding the possibilities for cosmetic and personal care emulsions

30-Nov-2016 - Last week, the open access journal Scientific Reports published the latest work of physicist Jon Otto Fossum, and his findings “may lead to new emulsion or encapsulation technologies.”

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5 top functional ingredient launches of 2016

29-Nov-2016 - 2016 was a year that saw an increased focus on fast-to-market formulations, continued growth of the natural sector and a huge explosion in interest in the sensory aspects of a...

Cosmetics Design launches Beauty Industry Awards!

28-Nov-2016 - The Cosmetics Design team is delighted to announce the launch of its regional and global Beauty Industry Awards, the first award of its kind to recognize achievements in the entire...

Sensory in focus: Clariant responds with 'cool' natural sun care

17-Nov-2016 - Clariant is responding to the challenge posed by natural sun care: how to balance green formulations with the high consumer demands for an appealing product in regard to its sensory...

Ashland has a makeover with new corporate brand identity

17-Nov-2016 - Skin and hair care applications manufacturer Ashland has developed a new brand strategy and identity, which centres on the idea that the company is ‘Always Solving’ to meet customer and...

Top research innovations at IFSCC 2016

16-Nov-2016 - This year’s edition of the International Federation of the Society of Cosmetics Chemists (IFSCC)’s congress took place in Florida earlier this month, and we dug out some of the most...

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Stem cells are effective in skin care: confusion caused by bad marketing

15-Nov-2016 - With stem cell science coming under criticism from some quarters, an expert in the field calls for clarity in an exclusive interview with CosmeticsDesign.

Potential anti-ageing applications for sea cucumber collagen, says study

11-Nov-2016 - The collagenous tissues that enable the sea cucumber to “turn to jelly” could have applications in the treatment of skin ageing, scientists believe.

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PETA praises China’s non-animal cosmetics testing decision

08-Nov-2016 - As China announces that it has accepted the first completely non-animal cosmetics test, we spoke to Amanda Nordstrom, who is involved with PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies programme on what this...

How ingredients suppliers are reacting to the sensorial and textures trend

08-Nov-2016 - Gone are the days when consumers would settle for any old gloop. If a product does not have the right skin feel consumers won’t be back for more.

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