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New lipid testing technique launched with applications for beauty

27-Sep-2016 - A new testing method for lipids has been launched, which the company behind it claims has applications for backing up cosmetics claims and efficacy testing for the beauty industry.

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Biomimetics: the future of beauty innovation from nature

27-Sep-2016 - Biomimetics - using concepts and principles from nature to create new materials, devices and systems - could offer huge opportunities for beauty.

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By-products and re-used materials raise bar on formulation sustainability

21-Sep-2016 - Ethical and sustainability claims are proving among the hottest trends right now, and a new way for formulators to tap into this heightened state of consumer consciousness is to reuse...

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Biotech: How science is helping the beauty industry source natural personal care and cosmetic ingredients

21-Sep-2016 - Biotechnology is nothing new. People have been modifying natural systems to make and alter products for thousands of years. What is new is the scale and specificity of biotech. Today,...

SILAB broadens ingredients offering for dermatological problems

20-Sep-2016 - French ingredients supplier Silab has announced the launch of a natural ingredient for use in skin care products targeting consumers who suffer from dermatological complaints.

EU funding give UK lab a boost in hunt for animal testing alternatives

16-Sep-2016 - EU funding has been awarded to a UK research lab looking into alternatives to animal testing for beauty and household products.

Noteworthy skin care ingredient launches of 2016

15-Sep-2016 - Skin care developments have been at the helm of North America’s cosmetics R&D focus this year. Here, we take stock of some of the most interesting and innovative advances....

L’Oréal calls attention to advanced research on predictive evaluation models for safety and efficacy

14-Sep-2016 - This year in Nature Scientific Reports, a team of scientists working in partnership with L’Oréal and the University of Central Florida published findings that improve on the company’s work towards...

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Formulating for rapid results

13-Sep-2016 - As consumers become increasingly demanding of great results from their personal care products, how can you best formulate a product to ensure your consumer gets the rapid results they are...

Winners announced for the 2016 Cosmetics Design “Best Ingredient Made from Recycled Materials Award”

12-Sep-2016 - At the inaugural in-cosmetics North America event in New York City last week, Cosmetics Design announced the finalists, runner up, and honoree for the award, which recognizes the work ingredient...

Top beauty brands battle it out in innovative Formulation Challenge

08-Sep-2016 - Formulators from some of the best-known brands in the global beauty industry went head-to-head in the first ever in-cosmetics Formulation Challenge , which took place in the Formulation Lab at in-cosmetics...

Evonik creates amino acid alliance with Univar for Europe

06-Sep-2016 - Univar, global distributor of specialty and basic chemicals, has taken over the supply of Evonik amino acids for Europe.

Should ‘quality’ ingredients matter more than ‘natural’ ingredients?

30-Aug-2016 - At least one skin science and personal care research consultant thinks so. And, Cosmetics Design spoke with Nava Dayan about the formulation challenges and toxicity concerns that exist when the...

Final call to submit for “Best Ingredient Made From Recycled Materials Award”

29-Aug-2016 - Tomorrow will be the last opportunity to submit entries for the Cosmetics Design award for best ingredient made from recycled materials.

Czech Republic leading on hemp beauty in Europe

19-Aug-2016 - The Czech Republic has been singled out as a leader in cannabis-infused topicals, with the country reportedly the major supplier of this type of personal care products for the European...

Halal and anti-pollution to top the bill at in-cosmetics Asia

16-Aug-2016 - As the market in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow at a strong pace, the halal and anti-pollution look set to dominate activity at the forthcoming in-cosmetics Asia event.

Current state of silicones: new white paper

09-Aug-2016 - With sensorial benefits a top consumer demand, seeking out ways to enhance the feel and application of skin care products is a major priority for formulators. Here, we take a...

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Top sites for correct ingredient information

09-Aug-2016 - With so much misinformation on the internet, how do you know which sites to trust for CORRECT ingredient information?

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Going natural means accepting a shorter shelf life for ingredients!

08-Aug-2016 - As a raw material distributor of only certified organic, I must comment on an increasing trend that is in conflict with GMPs and Quality Systems that do not consider Organic...

L’Oreal ‘beats its own forecast’ for removing microbeads

04-Aug-2016 - International beauty giant L’Oréal has announced that it is set to complete its commitment to reformulate certain products to eliminate microbead use by the end of this year, ahead of...

Tobacco as a renewable squalene source

03-Aug-2016 - Following next year’s harvest, tobacco-derived quantities of the compound will be available for cosmetics companies to test out in beauty and skin care formulations—thanks to a company called SynShark and...

SEPAWA Congress reveals this year’s programme

03-Aug-2016 - The programme of workshops and events set to take place at this year’s SEPAWA Congress has been revealed, with the science-focused trade event for the detergents, cosmetics and perfumery industries...

Scientists strike gold with sustainable approach to precious metal

27-Jul-2016 - Scientists have struck gold with a greener and more affordable way of synthesising gold nanoparticles, thanks to the trichoderma viride fungus.

New insight into how gels form has potential to improve cosmetic formulations

22-Jul-2016 - German scientists have discovered that the property of gels is due to directed chains of particles in their network-like structure which tend to contract as soon as they stretch through...

UK scientists ‘XCellR8’ alternative testing method developments

21-Jul-2016 - As the cosmetics industry strives to develop safer and more efficient alternative methods to animal testing, UK scientists have found a way to isolate human cells taken from skin samples...

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