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5 top functional ingredient launches of 2016

29-Nov-2016 - 2016 was a year that saw an increased focus on fast-to-market formulations, continued growth of the natural sector and a huge explosion in interest in the sensory aspects of a...

Cosmetics Design launches Beauty Industry Awards!

28-Nov-2016 - The Cosmetics Design team is delighted to announce the launch of its regional and global Beauty Industry Awards, the first award of its kind to recognize achievements in the entire...

Sensory in focus: Clariant responds with 'cool' natural sun care

17-Nov-2016 - Clariant is responding to the challenge posed by natural sun care: how to balance green formulations with the high consumer demands for an appealing product in regard to its sensory...

Ashland has a makeover with new corporate brand identity

17-Nov-2016 - Skin and hair care applications manufacturer Ashland has developed a new brand strategy and identity, which centres on the idea that the company is ‘Always Solving’ to meet customer and...

Top research innovations at IFSCC 2016

16-Nov-2016 - This year’s edition of the International Federation of the Society of Cosmetics Chemists (IFSCC)’s congress took place in Florida earlier this month, and we dug out some of the most...

Exclusive interview

Stem cells are effective in skin care: confusion caused by bad marketing

15-Nov-2016 - With stem cell science coming under criticism from some quarters, an expert in the field calls for clarity in an exclusive interview with CosmeticsDesign.

Potential anti-ageing applications for sea cucumber collagen, says study

11-Nov-2016 - The collagenous tissues that enable the sea cucumber to “turn to jelly” could have applications in the treatment of skin ageing, scientists believe.

Exclusive interview

PETA praises China’s non-animal cosmetics testing decision

08-Nov-2016 - As China announces that it has accepted the first completely non-animal cosmetics test, we spoke to Amanda Nordstrom, who is involved with PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies programme on what this...

How ingredients suppliers are reacting to the sensorial and textures trend

08-Nov-2016 - Gone are the days when consumers would settle for any old gloop. If a product does not have the right skin feel consumers won’t be back for more.

Beraca launches a pequi-based ingredient for curly hair

07-Nov-2016 - Beraca got the attention of formulation professionals at the recent in-cosmetics Latin America event with the launch of a hair smoothing ingredient that is sourced from the Amazon. The company's...

in-cosmetics Global: preparations underway

04-Nov-2016 - Previously defined as the in-cosmetics event focused on European ingredients suppliers, the newly rebranded in-cosmetics Global is gearing up to its grand opening in London.

News in brief

Vitamin E derivative improves dark circles

03-Nov-2016 - Showa Denko (SDK), a leading manufacturer and marketer of chemical products, has found an ingredient that looks set to boost the cosmetics industry through improving the visibility and appearance of...

Exclusive interview

How does that work? A look at the technology behind Biomod’s Infusers

03-Nov-2016 - The category-defining waterless masks from Biomod, are poised to disrupt the skin care market and are, in the meantime, sparking a fair amount of curiosity among industry insiders. Cosmetics Design...

Mintel analyst identifies the next generation skin care formulations

03-Nov-2016 - At the recent in-cosmeticss Latin America event, Cosmetics Design caught up with Mintel analyst Vivienne Rudd who, among several key trends, identified how the next generation of skin care products is...

Dow Chemical highlights the importance of customization

02-Nov-2016 - Alongside the all-defining sensorial and wellbeing trends, Dow Chemical's Thelma Bayout spoke to Cosmetics Design at the recent in-cosmetics Latin America about how customization is also playing a significant part...

Special Newsletter: Sustainability

Sustainable ingredients: beauty suppliers’ efforts

02-Nov-2016 - With the rise of consumer and brand interest in sustainability, it’s increasingly falling to ingredients suppliers to invest in the practice.

Innovating ‘beyond dreams’: IFSCC opens its doors

01-Nov-2016 - The International Federation of the Society of Cosmetics Chemists has opened its doors for this years edition of its annual congress, inviting delegates to look ‘beyond dreams into new frontiers’.

Exclusive interview

What stem cell technology really means to the cosmetic and personal care world, Pt. 2

28-Oct-2016 - In the second part of this interview on plant stem cells and their applications for cosmetics and personal care products, we explore in more detail about the misconceptions concerning the...

Strong R&D developments expected for halal cosmetics

27-Oct-2016 - As the halal cosmetics trend remains prominent within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market, the upcoming in-cosmetics Asia event in Bangkok will explore the growing halal cosmetic products market and how it...

Exclusive interview

What stem cell technology really means to the cosmetic and personal care world, Pt. 1

27-Oct-2016 - Stem cell technology has been proffered as one of the key elements to reaching the next level in skin care efficacy, but the excitement around the advances is also mired...

Refined glycogen helps avoid harmful effects of sun exposure

26-Oct-2016 - A recent study shows that a newly-refined glycogen product supports the sun care and skin care damage prevention market by alleviating cell degradation and aging effects on the skin.

What does ‘protection’ mean for the industry? in-cosmetics Formulation Summit

26-Oct-2016 - Formulators and other experts from across personal care gathered in London last week for the second in-cosmetics Formulation Summit, and debated the theme of protection.

Scientists find link between sun beds and lower use of sunscreens

25-Oct-2016 - New research finds that individuals who frequently used indoor tanning equipment were also reported to demonstrate poor outdoor sun protection and skin cancer screening practices.

Azelis forges new agreements to expand ingredients offerings

20-Oct-2016 - Azelis Personal Care has signed a number of agreement with leading ingredients providers that will help expand its global portfolio in a number of key areas in Ireland and the...

Can an olive oil waste product reduce the cost of biosurfactant production?

19-Oct-2016 - Researchers from Brazil and Europe have found a use for an oil byproduct that they believe could save cosmetic ingredient manufactures money.

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