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Sustainable chemistry gets a boost with Cognis-funded professorship

Last updated on 23-Jun-2009 at 12:11 GMT

Germany-based company Cognis will be funding a position at the University of Wuppertal dedicated to interdisciplinary research and development in sustainable chemistry.

For three years the post will be funded by Cognis, before the financial burdern is taken on by the university.

The research will focus on how the efficient management of chemical processes can optimise resource and energy use, and Cognis said it will continue to offer students the opportunity to work on projects within the company.

“Sustainability is an integral part of Cognis’ business strategy, and one of the keys to our financial success…This is why we have decided to further strengthen our relationship with the University of Wuppertal by endowing this professorship, so laying the foundations for further research into sustainable chemistry,” said Hans-Helmut Heymann of the Cognis Management Board.

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