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L’Oréal launches new premium hair care brand

By Lucy Whitehouse + , 07-Mar-2017

L’Oréal launches new premium hair care brand

L’Oréal Paris has announced the launch of a new hair care range, Botanicals Fresh Care, a new naturals-focused launch by which it looks to expand its presence in the premium hair care segment.

Anne Machet, Deputy CEO International, explained in a statement on the launch how the brand meets new consumer expectations.

She notes that innovation for hair care is ‘no easy feat’, pointing to the fact that the market for hair care is seeing quickly rising consumer demand for products and ranges with a strong naturals profile.

“For the longest time, hair care products played a purely functional role. Nowadays, however, consumers expect a lot more from them in terms of natural and organic composition, the experience they offer and their ecologic footprint,” she said.

Eco and premium

The Botanicals Fresh Care launch is a step to strengthen the company’s naturals offering at the premium segment level.

The brand notes that the new range is intended “to offer a premium experience and high-quality products inspired by nature to the largest number of people as possible”, and says its products are the result of several years’ worth of work by the Group’s raw materials sourcing teams, hair research centres, perfumers and packaging engineers.

The brand head also notes that a clear sustainable profile is hand-in-hand with the emphasis on naturals as a leading consumer demand.

L’Oréal Paris has responded to this through putting a transparent, accountable supply chain in place, she asserts.

The brand aims to provide consumers full transparency about its procedures and offer environment-friendly products,” she said.

From ingredient selection to manufacturing methods, the brand adheres to a demanding set of specifications covering three areas: sourcing, extraction of raw materials and packaging.”

Natural innovation

Machet notes that a level of innovation was required to formulate natural solutions to hair care needs.

We use only raw materials of the very highest quality. All our products are silicone, paraben and dye-free. To replace the silicones, our designers came up with a coconut and soy-based botanical complex to protect the hair without greasiness or heaviness, offering a gentle, natural and light touch.”

Botanicals Fresh Care is an exciting new adventure on a market that is reinventing itself. This is why we are setting the bar high and why we want to be a major force in natural hair care,” she concludes.

The brand is available now in France, Germany and the UK and says it is looking to expand quickly on a global scale.

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