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Croda invests in €5 million renewable energy project

Last updated on 08-Jun-2012 at 12:55 GMT

The Yorkshire-based ingredients supplier has announced it has begun the construction of a $6 million (€5m) landfill-gas-to-energy project at its manufacturing plant in Delaware, a venture it says will shrink the facility’s carbon footprint the equivalent to removing 33,000 cars from the road.

According to the company, the endeavor will use landfill gas from the nearby Cherry Island Landfill which will provide the plant with enough renewable energy to power 55 percent of the plant’s operations.

Croda is investing $5.5 million in this renewable energy plan as part of its commitment to innovation in sustainable energy," says a company spokesperson.  “It has the potential to eliminate the electricity [it] takes from the regional grid.  In fact, we may even be adding renewable energy back to the grid, if we do not need it on site,” they added. 

Croda has a global goal to obtain 25 percent of its energy needs from non-fossil sources by 2015, the project is expected to be completed by September 2012.

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