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Cosmetics Europe hosts sustainability exhibition and participates in EC growth mission in US

By Katie Nichol , 15-May-2012
Last updated on 15-May-2012 at 11:53 GMT2012-05-15T11:53:04Z

Cosmetics Europe hosts sustainability exhibition and participates in EC growth mission in US

European cosmetics trade association Cosmetics Europe recently hosted an exhibition at the European Parliament focused on sustainability, and from May 11-17 is accompanying the European Commission on a high-level visit to the US.

At the European Parliament in Brussels from 8-10 May 2012, Cosmetics Europe and Francoise Grossetête, MEP, hosted an exhibition entitled ‘Science, Beauty and Care – Looking to Future Generations’ that showcased the contribution of the cosmetics industry to sustainability.

Touch screens at the exhibition allowed visitors to see how the cosmetics and personal care industry contributes to social, environmental and economic sustainability. Also present were representatives from various sustainability projects across the world, who were on hand to provide practical demonstrations and further information.

Contribution of cosmetics industry to social, economic and environmental sustainability

The ‘Look Good…Feel Better’ initiative is one example of an internationally recognized project. It provides cancer sufferers with access to advice and products, with the aim of helping to improve their self-esteem and confidence by combating the visible signs of treatment.

Underlining the contribution of the cosmetics industry to the economy at the event, Grossetête said that, confronted with today’s multiple challenges, it will continue to spearhead innovation.

This sentiment was echoed by Fabio Franchina, the president of Cosmetics Europe, who said: “The cosmetics and personal care industry is not only one of the most innovative industries, as an industry we are also at the forefront of placing social, economic and environmental sustainability high on our agenda.”

Meanwhile, Cosmetics Europe Director-General, Bertil Heerink, highlighted that 1.7mn people in the European Union are employed by the cosmetics and personal care industry, including approximately 25,000 researchers or scientists.

Cosmetics Europe accompanies EC to US on ‘mission for growth’

Cosmetics Europe is also taking part in a visit to the US from 11-17 May that is part of a series of ‘missions for growth’ to the US, Columbia and Mexico led by EU Commissioner Antonio Tajani, vice-president of the European Commission.

Both Franchina and Heerink are accompanying Tajani on his visit, during which a delegation that includes representatives from various industry sectors in the EU will be able to meet with business and political leaders in New York and Washington.

According to Cosmetics Europe, the aim is to “strengthen relations for economic growth and competitiveness, fostering the internationalisation of industries in Europe”.

“Europe is the flagship producer and mass market of cosmetic and personal care products in the world. We appreciate the opportunity to accompany the Commissioner to highlight our industry’s contribution to the economy in both the US and the EU, and adding value to ensuring global consumer safety and international regulatory convergence,” says Heerink.

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