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Innovation Zone in-cosmetics preview: All Organic Treasures IZ

By Lucy Whitehouse + , 17-Mar-2017

Innovation Zone in-cosmetics preview: All Organic Treasures IZ

Ahead of the in-cosmetics event, we shine a spotlight on some of the most innovative ingredients and formulas set to be on display at its Innovation Zone.

Here, we take a look at StoppOx from All Organic Treasures, with Dr David Hauck. Dr Hauck is the founder and owner of an independent company for research of development in medical and cosmetic science.

What end-user consumer demand is your product responding to?

The demand for more safe and more fresh product, along with less formation of irritation and allergy compounds from oxidation. We achieve the increased freshness of product through protected active ingredients and formula itself. We also get an anti-ageing effect from less lipid oxidation in skin.

Another benefit for manufacturers and end users is the increased BBD. More oxidative stability of perfume, oils and actives leads to a longer shelf life and much safer product. Especially the formation of irritants like peroxides and fragrance allergens from oxidized fragrance compounds is significantly reduced (evidence from ongoing studies). In addition the product is protected from UV Rays.

StoppOx is a world novel natural antioxidant blend for cosmetic formulas and fragrances. It delivers high performance like synthetic AO especially in preventing formation of possible fragrance allergens by oxidation.

Irritants from lipid and fragrance peroxides are inhibited as well and BBD is considerably improved. The antioxidant blend also contributes to olfactory stability and UV light protection of the product and its active ingredients.

How is your product innovative?

While the performance is similar to BHT or other synthetic compounds the product is ecofriendly, sustainable and completely natural.

Existing natural antioxidants do not perform similarly to synthetic alternatives like BHT. This novel natural blend StoppOx provides even better performance in product protection than BHT and most of the other synthetic or natural AO. Especially the prevention of formation of possible fragrance allergens by oxidation and obstruction of irritants from lipid and fragrance peroxides is demonstrated by ongoing studies.

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